Before We Were Warriors

Welcoming new teachers to the Warrior community

Photo by Kimia Soltani

Jessica Buehner, Ceramics Teacher

Jessica Buehner was an observer rather an active participant during her high school years. However, as she drew her

inspirations to become an art educator from her art teachers who allowed students to expand creativity and shape ideas, she

learned to crack out of her social shell. Currently, as an art educator at this campus, she hopes to create an exciting and

productive ceramics program.

“I encourage my students to always be patient with themselves. They never have to stress out after a failure. There is always a second chance in ceramics and that’s what I like about it.”


Photo by Kimia Soltani

Angela Bushamie, English Teacher

During high school, Angela Bushamie worked six to eight hours a day to save up for college tuition.

She was inspired to major in English by her English and music teachers. She later worked as a personal assistant for a professor in

university, ultimately guiding her towards a job in the education field. She is excited to work with students with diverse

backgrounds in the Woodbridge community.

“I hope to create a classroom environment where students feel comfortable and confident contributing their ideas and engaging with their peers as well as myself.”


Lori Knutsen, History Teacher

Photo by Kimia Soltani

Lori Knutsen describes her high school life as committed. She achieved good grades and was involved in track, volleyball, drama

and the school newspaper. Although at times she felt overwhelmed, her coaches and teachers greatly inspired her to not only enjoy

learning and improving her skills, but also instilled in her a passion to educate others. Currently, as a teacher at Woodbridge High,

Knutsen wants to inspire her students to dedicate themselves to reaching their goals because she believes all students are capable

of achieving their dreams if they work hard.

“My students hold a passion to work hard and reach their goals. They take whatever they are learning to a whole different level and I’m excited to work with them this year.”


Photo by Kimia Soltani

Thomas Misich, Automotive Technology

After three years of learning auto shop during high school, Thomas Misich always had a dream to

become a factory representative. He received inspirations to repair and modify cars from college professors. One of his college

professors gave him an opportunity to work at a Chevrolet dealer, which convinced him to pursue automotive technology. His

ultimate goal is to help the youth find their career paths as he encourages students to face challenges.

“I want to provide a program that helps students visualize and experience careers opportunities in automotive industry.”


Photo by Kimia Soltani

Craig Nellis, Math Teacher

As a high school student, Craig Nellis was an academically successful student and was actively engaged in a Christian club.

Throughout his experiences in college, he decided to pursue a career that can impact people’s lives, rather than pursuing to become a

scientist, which he strived to become. One of his major inspirations was his mother who also was a teacher. Eventually, he learned how

important it is to help others and to lead them into the right direction. Nellis feels fortunate to join the this great community in order

to make a difference in his students’ lives.

“I hope to continue teaching here for a long time and make a difference in the lives of the people here.”


Photo by Kimia Soltani

Dane O’Barr, English Teacher

Dane O’Barr describes himself as an unfocused and unorganized high school student, finding little value in learning as a young

student. Transitioning to college, O’Barr was much more driven in academics than before. Although he was still unsure of an ultimate

career path, he held onto his dream to teach and give wisdom to the youth. As an English teacher at Woodbridge High, O’Barr hopes

to help students learn the value of education and the importance of appreciating life.

“When I see someone reaching out to another who might be having hard time with school life, I feel hopeful andoptimistic for education and for the future citizens of this country.”


Photo by Kimia Soltani

Angela Pimentel, Assistant Principal

Angela Pimentel‘s interest in science encouraged her to work towards applying to University of California San Diego. Under

highly stressful conditions, she defined success as a high GPA throughout high school. However, learning from this experience,

Pimentel highly recommends students find time to escape school related tasks and find true meaning through their own

hobbies and passions.

“As an assistant principal, I define success as making students’ days brighter.”


Photo by Kimia Soltani

Hanne Schmidt, Dance Director

As a former student of Woodbridge High, Hanne Schmidt was involved in various clubs and

cheerleading while also excelling in academics. Her previous careers as a professional dancer and an elementary school

teacher convinced her that she enjoyed teaching and dancing simultaneously. Working as a Dance Director, Schmidt hopes to

ultimately help students work harder for other achievable goals, despite setbacks and failures.

“I hope to improve upon dance company’s already fantastic caliber and make them an even greater presence in the community. We are already beginning more community outreach.”


Photo by Kimia Soltani

Michelle Wray, Science Teacher

Michelle Wary maintained a busy schedule as an athlete in volleyball and softball teams throughout her high school career.

Three hour practices and lengthy games taught her how to set up a time table for herself. After working as a summer camp

counselor, she received inspiration to teach and help students. Currently, as she teaches science, she wants to give all students a

fair opportunity to work in a great environment such as Woodbridge High.

“In high school, you start the process of finding out who you are and what you value the most as a person. That realization and decision will help lead you to your future.”