Golden Arrow

Take the road less traveled (and expensive) this summer

Emily Manton, Social Media Director

May 25, 2016

Over the summer, it is easy to become bored of our familiar surroundings, so many think to spend time on a road trip with friends. However, there are many destinations that do not require you to empty your wallet. Malibu Estimated Driving T...

Stress: Counselor Q&A

Kyla KIm, Contributing Writer

January 13, 2016

Q: What are the main sources of stress for students? A: Sometimes we see family stress, and sometimes we see academic stress, and they are distinctly different. Family stress is generated from a situation at home, and acade...

Finals prep guide

Min-jung Kim, Front page editor

January 13, 2016

Use your time wisely and do not procrastinate: Procrastination can lead to last minute cramming. This leads to lack of sleep, which can lead to poor test results. According to AP psychology teacher James Leckey, students wil...

Sip up the results of the coffee mug

DIY the write way

December 9, 2015

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