Golden Arrow

2014-2015 Staff

Samiha Ali

Print Editor-in-Chief

Hi there! My name is Samiha, and I am your humble and dedicated 2014-2015 print Editor-in-Chief! I've been on the staff for three years now, and I look forward to putting out ...

Noelle Roys

Web Editor-in-Chief

Hi, I'm Noelle! This is my second school year participating in journalism at Woodbridge, and this class is definitely one of the best things I have been a part of in high school....

Marian Sahakyan

News Editor

I am Marian, your News Editor for the 2014-2015 school year. This is my second year as a staff member for the Golden Arrow, and honestly, it’s been an amazing ride. The most...

Michelle Kang

Features Editor

Disha Palimar

Arts & Entertainment Editor

Hey, I'm Disha, your Arts & Entertainment Editor of the Golden Arrow for the 2014-2015 school year. This is my second year as an editor and third year being in journalism....

Achint Singh

In-Depth Editor

Hi my name is Achint! I am currently a senior and this is my third and final year in journalism. I am your In-Depth editor for this year. I actually don't know what else to say...

Michelle Bau

Opinion Editor

My name is Michelle and I am the opinion editor for the 2014-2015 Golden Arrow. It's now my second year writing for the newspaper and I'm super excited to bring a new collecti...

Avantika Vivek

Sports Editor

I'm Avantika, a junior, and I work as the Sports Editor for the Golden Arrow. It's my second year writing for the paper, and I'm excited to continue my adventure into journalism....

Malalai Fazilat

Backpage & Photo Editor

Brittany Chang

Director of Photography

Hey all, I'm Britt Chang, your 2014-2015 Director of Photography. I'm an extrovert who runs on our Track and Field team and drinks too much black coffee and lattes. Most importantly...

Alexandra Thompson

Managing Editor

My name is Alex and I am the Managing Editor for the 2014-2015 Golden Arrow staff. I love writing about issues and topics that matter to myself and my peers, and I look forward...

Makeez Manely

Front Page Editor & Ad Manager

Makeez Manely, pronounced Man-el-lay not Manely no matter how much my brother would like it to be, but anyways hi! Nice to meet you guys, I am a senior here at our lovely school...

Aashi Jain

Ad Manager

Hi! I'm Aashi and I absolutely and completely love food, it has to be vegetarian though. I can eat almost at any time of the day, except the mornings. Also, my food and cinnamon...

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