Golden Arrow

2015-2016 Staff

Avantika Vivek


Hi, my name is Avantika and I am one of your Co-Editors-in-Chief for this year at the Golden Arrow. I've been in journalism for three years now, and served as your Sports Editor...

Nicholas Kumamoto


Hello! My name is Nicholas and I am the Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Golden Arrow. This is my second year in journalism, and since last year I have discovered my passion for invest...

Angela Yang

News Editor

Hi everyone! I am Angela, your bubbly 2016-2017 News Editor. It has been two years since I dedicated myself to the Golden Arrow as a staff member. I feel so honored to serve all...

Ashna Paul

Features Editor

Hey guys! My name is Ashna and I’m the A&E editor this year. A&E includes all the performing and visual art events at school, as well as many food, movie and book ...

Alexa Wallace

A&E Editor

Hello reader, Thanks for taking the time to check out our website! My name is Alexa (as you could probably already deduce) and I am the Managing Editor. My job is to handle the ...

Ashima Kundu

In-Depth Editor

Ana Sayre

Opinion Editor

Hey there! My name is Anamaria Sayre, or Ana for short, and I am your new opinion editor for the 2015-2016 school year! I am super excited to be able to go on this journey with...

Vincent Hsueh

Sports Editor

Hey! My name is Vincent Hsueh and I’ve been a part of the Golden Arrow for almost three years. Oh, and I’m also a senior this year (time sure does fly by). My favorite thing...

Bill Chang

Creative Director

Yechan Yang

Director of Photography, Creative Director and Back Page Editor

Hello! My name is Yechan (Ben) Yang, and I am the Creative Director and the Back Page editor of year 2016-2017. As I joined journalism, I was given multiple opportunities to interact...

Dennis Krasnay

Business Manager

Min-Jung Kim

Front Page Editor

Hi, I’m Min, your Front Page Editor for the 2015-2016 school year! This is my third year as a staff member of the Golden Arrow. Procrastination has always been a part of my life...

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