Golden Arrow

2016-2017 Staff

Natalie Sarkissian

Photo Editor

Hi, I’m Natalie Sarkissian, a photo editor. I've been on journalism for two years. I enjoy short walks to get food, but I prefer postmates. I'm part of a competitive dance team...

Ashley Park

Opinion Editor

Many people think that art is the best way to express themselves, but I believe that journalism is one of many interesting ways to express yourself. I’m Ashley Park and as this...

Lindsay Chong

Sports Editor

Hi! I'm Lindsay, your 2016-2017 Sports Editor! I've been part of the Golden Arrow for two years, and I'm excited to cover all sorts of sports-related events. I hope to create innovative...

Bella An

In-Depth Editor

Hey guys! My name is Bella, and I am excited to be your In-Depth editor this year! As the “resting stop” of Golden Arrow, I hope my section will both entertain and please everyone...

Angela Yang

News Editor

Hi everyone! I am Angela, your bubbly 2016-2017 News Editor. It has been two years since I dedicated myself to the Golden Arrow as a staff member. I feel so honored to serve all...

Ashna Paul

Features Editor

Hey guys! My name is Ashna and I’m the A&E editor this year. A&E includes all the performing and visual art events at school, as well as many food, movie and book ...

Alexa Wallace

A&E Editor

Hello reader, Thanks for taking the time to check out our website! My name is Alexa (as you could probably already deduce) and I am the Managing Editor. My job is to handle the ...

Ashima Kundu

In-Depth Editor

Ana Sayre

Opinion Editor

Hey there! My name is Anamaria Sayre, or Ana for short, and I am your new opinion editor for the 2015-2016 school year! I am super excited to be able to go on this journey with...

Vincent Hsueh

Sports Editor

Hey! My name is Vincent Hsueh and I’ve been a part of the Golden Arrow for almost three years. Oh, and I’m also a senior this year (time sure does fly by). My favorite thing...

Yechan Yang

Director of Photography, Creative Director and Back Page Editor

Hello! My name is Yechan (Ben) Yang, and I am the Creative Director and the Back Page editor of year 2016-2017. As I joined journalism, I was given multiple opportunities to interact...

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