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The Laguna Woods shooting victims are commemorated and mourned by many.
Laguna Woods Church Shooting Highlights Increasing Tensions
Sophia Stewart, Opinion Editor • May 27, 2022

The shooting that took place at Geneva Presbyterian Church on Sunday, May 15 made NBC news, ABC news, CNN and other major national news sites.  It occurred while the Irvine...

Carnegie Mellon student and Woodbridge High alumna poses at the Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Golden Arrow Alumni Look Back At Their Golden Years
Alberto Neira, Copy Editor • May 17, 2022

From the class of 2020, Woodbridge High alumnus Joel Whitson was part of the Golden Arrow community, serving in his last year of high school...

Jake Sanjongco, the Media Commissioner for Warrior TV,  adjusts the camera while filming one of the short films.
Behind the Screen: Warrior TV’s Past Year
Manasaa Meenakshi, Features Editor • May 10, 2022

Despite having a class size of only 14 students this year, Warrior Television’s (WTV) accomplishments are nothing but small in comparison.  Overseen...

Seniors carry their artistic passions forward with majors in art.
Seniors Commit to Careers in the Arts
Sophia Stewart, Opinion Editor • May 27, 2022

Starting in fall 2022, senior Jessie King will be attending Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah and majoring in graphic design. She...

Lizzy McAlpine and collaborator Ben Kessler perch on the hood of her car, facing the beach, on the album art for their single “Reckless Driving.”
Music According to Sanderson- Installment #2: A Recurring Album Review Column
Sophia Anderson, Arts and Entertainment Editor • May 26, 2022

Welcome back to your favorite music column (please don’t correct me, I am, like most writers, very sensitive). A lot has happened in the music...

Student holds a sign in support of Ukraine during the conflict.
War Crimes in Ukraine
Arnav Rege, Staff Writer • May 27, 2022

Many world leaders strive for power in hopes of leaving their mark on the world. Putin, the president of Russia will stop at nothing to get his...

The conflict in Ukraine, which has been in effect since February 24, has taken a massive toll on the people and society.
The simple truth of why the conflict in Ukraine should matter to all of us: They’re just people
Jackson Gillies, Beginning Journalist • May 27, 2022

Since February 24, 2022, the people of Ukraine have been at war for their freedom. There have been almost 3,000 civilian casualties, 5 million...

Beginning journalists recap the 2021-2022 school year by drawing illustrations of their highlights.
Cartoon Page: Reflections on the Year
Kailey Moore, Gabby Mosada, Sidra Baker and Lucy Liu, Beginning Journalists • May 27, 2022

Teachers give the class of 22 advice for the future and reflect on the year.
Woodbridge Teachers Send the Class of 2022 Off in Style
Brandon Liu, Business Manager • May 27, 2022

Emily McDaniel gives a smile while being photographed as commencement speaker of the class of 2022.
Seniors Open Up to New Opportunities with Upcoming Commencement Speech
Heather Hershfield, Photo Editor • May 27, 2022

Graduation is a bittersweet moment for all, especially for our current seniors with their sophomore year cut short and Covid-19 impacting nearly...

Senior Survey
Senior Survey
Ethan Crawford, News Editor • May 27, 2022

Senior Poll Best cafeteria option: 51.2% - Pizza, 31.7% - Pick Up Stix, 9.8% - Salad, 7.5% - Chicken Nuggets Spotify or Apple Music?: 85.7%...

Techy Teaching: Science teacher Jacklyn Severn talks to Freshman student Aanjae Yu. Gizmos and Canvas are resources that Severn worked with for teaching.
Teachers Integrate Tech Experiences with Classrooms to Adapt to COVID-19 Guidelines
Danbi Lee, Beginning Journalist • March 15, 2022

As Woodbridge High comes back to the traditional schedule, the way teachers use technology now looks a bit different from the experiences they...

Photograph by Lila Gray
Bella Burley, Freshman
Lila Gray, Beginning Journalist • October 19, 2021

“I feel like being an artist is a reflection of the world around you. I usually just draw people so I think my favorite part about art is...

The Culmination of a Rewarding Year
Sophia Anderson, Beginning Journalist • June 2, 2021

Despite the unpredictable challenges of the past year, this year’s Sentinel Awards ceremony was organized to recognize the school’s most...

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Hey Warriors! I’m Arna Churiwala and I’m a staff writer for the Golden Arrow this year. As a staff writer, I get to interview many of the wonderful people and groups at Woodbridge High and help to...

Jackson Gillies
Jackson Gillies
Features B Editor

Hi! I'm Jackson Gillies, and I am the Features B editor this year. This is my first year as a member of the Golden Arrow and I'm excited to be able to use my platform to spotlight our amazing community!...

Danbi Lee
Danbi Lee
Business Manager

Hi, I'm Danbi, a Golden Arrow Business Manager! I'm a sophomore, and I'm enjoying my first year of Advanced Journalism. Outside of school, I do a lot of Taekwondo and read dystopian novels. I'm also generally...

Hello! My name is Camille Roussel and this is my first year as a writer and photographer on the Golden Arrow. I cannot wait to photograph and write about different stories that represent our student body!...

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