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Woodbridge High students prepare for their Sacramento trip with a meeting with the IUSD Board Members.
Student Advocacy in Action
Sophia Stewart, Opinion Editor • April 23, 2022

On March 16, five students from Woodbridge High traveled to Sacramento as part of the annual Irvine Unified School District (IUSD) advocacy trip, sponsored by the Irvine Unified...

Jake Sanjongco, the Media Commissioner for Warrior TV,  adjusts the camera while filming one of the short films.
Behind the Screen: Warrior TV’s Past Year
Manasaa Meenakshi, Features Editor • May 10, 2022

Despite having a class size of only 14 students this year, Warrior Television’s (WTV) accomplishments are nothing but small in comparison.  Overseen...

A banner of the Woodbridge JCL Club, hung up inside Mr. Conat’s classroom, signifying that he is the club advisor.
JCL: A Club Led by Latin Enthusiasts for Latin Enthusiasts
Ethan Crawford, News Editor • May 10, 2022

The National Junior Classical League (JCL) comprises roughly 35,000 middle school and high school members across nearly 1,000 different chapters...

The color guard team all stand together while holding up a W with their hands.
Flags Fly High As the Warrior Guard Prepares For Their Upcoming Competitions
Brandon Liu, Business Manager • April 23, 2022

Practice makes perfect. In preparation for the Winter Guard Association of Southern California (WGASC) competitions which first began on March...

A student carefully measures the dimensions of a clay project.
Students Are Fired Up About Ceramics
Olivia Werner and Natalie Nguyen April 23, 2022

Senior Julia Cho What do students do in a ceramics course? For [my class] period there are three different levels: intermediate, advanced and...

The Nintendo Switch releases a modern remake of the Pokemon game Brilliant Diamond satisfying fan’s nostalgia.
Excitement With A Slight Disappointment, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Review
Alberto Neira, Copy Editor • April 28, 2022

On Sept. 28, 2006, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl first came out, creating a new generation for Pokemon games and the franchise. Previous to the release...

Cartoon Page: Students Should Prioritize Self Care
Cartoon Page: Students Should Prioritize Self Care
Ruby Yang, In-Depth Editor • April 23, 2022

Social media activism does not provide context for all issues.
Staff Editorial: Exploring Activism as Teenagers
April 23, 2022

Social media is a great communication tool to share ideas. However, in recent years more people have been using these platforms for performative...

Iris, who is named after their piercing blue eyes, is one of the shelter dogs they house and offer medical care to.
Helping Animals in Irvine, One Paw at a Time
Heather Hershfield, Photo Editor • April 28, 2022

It is understandable that not everyone can take an animal home due to a variety of reasons, from not having enough free time to pet allergies....

SFC teaches club members about the responsibilities of a consumer on the fashion industry and its impacts on the environment.
Dressing to Kill Without Killing the Planet
Sophia Anderson, A&E Editor • April 23, 2022

Second-hand shopping, or thrifting, as its aficionados have nicknamed it, seemingly grows more popular every day. But hopping on the trend may...

Strawberries are a sweet summery fruit that can be eaten by people and pets alike.
Warriors Can Develop Patience to Cultivate their Green Thumbs
Heather Hershfield, Photo Editor • April 23, 2022

Home gardening can be an easy way to brighten your life while maintaining a healthy hobby. Plants can range from being indoors to outdoors, pet-friendly...

Techy Teaching: Science teacher Jacklyn Severn talks to Freshman student Aanjae Yu. Gizmos and Canvas are resources that Severn worked with for teaching.
Teachers Integrate Tech Experiences with Classrooms to Adapt to COVID-19 Guidelines
Danbi Lee, Beginning Journalist • March 15, 2022

As Woodbridge High comes back to the traditional schedule, the way teachers use technology now looks a bit different from the experiences they...

Photograph by Lila Gray
Bella Burley, Freshman
Lila Gray, Beginning Journalist • October 19, 2021

“I feel like being an artist is a reflection of the world around you. I usually just draw people so I think my favorite part about art is...

The Culmination of a Rewarding Year
Sophia Anderson, Beginning Journalist • June 2, 2021

Despite the unpredictable challenges of the past year, this year’s Sentinel Awards ceremony was organized to recognize the school’s most...

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