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Counselor Heather Bethmann helps a student create their schedule for the next school year.
Woodbridge High Offers Riveting New Classes for the Upcoming School Year
Yasmine Shaker, Social Media Manager • March 31, 2023

For this upcoming school year, Woodbridge High introduces several new classes to add to the extensive list for students to pick from. “We have a new engineering pathway,...

Autoshop offers a variety of different cars for students to work on.
Woodbridge Students' Passions Allow Them To Exceed To New Heights
Arnav Rege, Copy Editor • March 31, 2023

Three classes that have allowed students to explore their passions are Animatronics, Makerspace, and Automotive. Though Animatronics will...

Freshman Jackson Viau (left), junior Hailey Bithell (middle) and senior Ana Rodriguez (right) are happy to
perform and showcase their talent for the students of Woodbridge High.
From Blackbox to Television: Woodbridge Drama Students Set Foot Into the Acting Industry
Manasaa Meenakshi, Opinion Editor • March 31, 2023

From starring in films to becoming acclimated to post-high school acting spheres, Woodbridge High drama students Hailey Bithell, Ana Rodriguez...

Woodbridge High yearbook staff dilligently work preparing for the release date of the yearbook.
Yearbook: A Time Capsule Made by Students, for Students
Ethan Crawford, Editor-in-Chief • March 31, 2023

Each year, without fail, a select number of Woodbridge High students work tirelessly to produce a tangible object aimed to encapsulate the school...

A member of the Art Council outlines Fine Arts Day posters.
Art Council Paints a Picture of an Exciting Fine Arts Day
Arna Churiwala, Staff Writer • March 30, 2023

Woodbridge High’s student-run Art Council is working diligently to make this year’s Fine Arts Day exciting and memorable for everyone. Fine...

A human artist portrays emotions through her
The Dark Side of Artificial Intelligence for Artists and Schools
Maximo Fins, Business Manager • March 31, 2023

The emergence of artificial intelligence (AI)  is a result of progress of machine learning over the past few years, with a rise of image generation...

Staff Editorial: Redefining Hustle Culture
March 30, 2023

A student’s table is covered in enormous piles of paper from different classes and volunteer forms. Her schedule, where every hour of her day...

According to an article in the Times, average concert ticket prices have more than tripled since the mid-90s.
Money is No Object When Live Music is Concerned
Arna Churiwala, Staff Writer • February 10, 2023

Even though we live in an era overtaken by the frivolous consumerism of material goods, teenagers should choose to spend their money on concert...

Critters Can Be Cuddly But Not As Cute As Clay Creations
Kailey Moore, Content Editor • March 31, 2023

              Materials: 1. Minimum of three different...

Art Entrepreneurs on Campus
Danbi Lee, Business Manager • March 31, 2023

Senior Lana Makarem started painting press-on nails during quarantine. Throughout her journey as an entrepreneur, she sold hand-painted...

Local Art Museums Paint a Positive Light in Southern California
Lena An, A & E Editor • March 31, 2023

The Getty Villa, located in Santa Monica, showcases art pieces that J. Paul Getty collected throughout his life. Situated on the cliff...

Techy Teaching: Science teacher Jacklyn Severn talks to Freshman student Aanjae Yu. Gizmos and Canvas are resources that Severn worked with for teaching.
Teachers Integrate Tech Experiences with Classrooms to Adapt to COVID-19 Guidelines
Danbi Lee, Beginning Journalist • March 15, 2022

As Woodbridge High comes back to the traditional schedule, the way teachers use technology now looks a bit different from the experiences they...

Photograph by Lila Gray
Bella Burley, Freshman
Lila Gray, Beginning Journalist • October 19, 2021

“I feel like being an artist is a reflection of the world around you. I usually just draw people so I think my favorite part about art is...

The Culmination of a Rewarding Year
Sophia Anderson, Beginning Journalist • June 2, 2021

Despite the unpredictable challenges of the past year, this year’s Sentinel Awards ceremony was organized to recognize the school’s most...

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