Golden Arrow

  • Spring Musical, Feb. 27 - March 2

  • Tranquil Tuesday During Tutorial in the Upper Gym, Feb. 5

  • AMC Math Competition, Feb. 7

Unveiling the Curtains to the New Theater

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Winter Spirit Week Rouses Holiday School Spirit

From Dec. 10-14, Associated Student Body...

JCL Showcases Roman Pride in a SoCal Latin Celebration

On Dec. 1, 795 students from all over Southern...

CubeSat Launching their Way to Great Heights

CubeSat launched a satellite from New Zealand on Nov.10 to begin tracking their findings

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Teenagers Write Songs for the Soul
Art Beyond the Walls

Mark Takeno  Art teacher Matthew Takeno’s upstairs...

Shows To Binge Watch Over Winter Break

Amazon Prime: "Doctor Who" This long-running British...

Choir Brings their Broadway Best to “Broadway Cabaret”

Embellished by harmonious voices and multi-colored...

Bridge Clothing Line:  Bridging School and Style

Attentively glued to their screens with illustrating...

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Teachers’ Top Teams: Athletics in the Classroom
Rebecca Kinder is Ready to “Takedown” Another Season

With throws, pins, takedowns and holds, wrestling is...

Boys’ Soccer Kicks Off a Strong Season

Bolting down the field, passing the ball, dodging defenders...

Signing Day: Athletes on Another Level

Jamie Yeh, senior Sport: Swim School: Yale How...

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Best Places to Find Your New Friend

Channel Surfing Through The 90s

November 5, 2018

New Styles Come From Old Fashions

November 5, 2018

DIY: Old Trends Never Die

DIY: Old Trends Never Die

November 5, 2018

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