Warriors in the Future

After 13 years of education, Woodbridge High students plan the next chapters of their lives


Lena An and Sophia Anderson

Warriors declare their visions ten years in the future.

In ten years we will be…

Making Bank

Being rich, acquiring a tech company (maybe Apple, unless Google insists). -Akshat Sharma

Still vibing to Taylor Swift but hopefully with more money. -Phoebe Yeh

I better be making over six figures or imma sue the college for giving me a useless degree. -Taketo Hayashi

Rich and livin’ life. -Julia Tija

In Love

I hope to be married! -Emma Wong

Married…hopefully. -Joshua Lomboy

Settling down and maybe having a kid or two. -Bobby Werner

Working a Dream Job

Doing social work in New Orleans. -Ally Whyte

Working abroad for the government or an NGO. -Elyse Arragon

I would like to be a professor of physics at UC Santa Barbara and live in a nice house on the beach. -Corey Hickson

I see myself in a residency at a hospital, where I will be training to be a pediatric surgeon. -Emily McDaniel

Three-time NBA champ and two finals MVPs. -Xavier Marciano


With two ferrets, two dogs and two cats. -Anna Chung

Living with my cat and doing something that actually makes me happy, like playing music or making art. -Lake Mitchell

I see myself in a job that I like, in a serious relationship and I definitely won’t have kids. -Ricardo Diaz

Warriors declare their visions ten years in the future. (Lena An and Sophia Anderson)