A Stroll Through Laguna Beach Could Provide Students with the Perfect Outlet to Reduce Stress

For centuries, studies have shown that going outside is the ultimate de-stressor – whether it’s choosing to take a walk around the neighborhood, visiting the local park, or surrounding oneself in places of nature.


Yejin Song

People take a rest on nearby benches and take in a balcony view of the sky and ocean. The ocean is certainly one of Laguna Beach’s most striking features, displaying a distinct cerulean color and harboring a variety of sea life.

Yejin Song, Beginning Journalist

On the streets of Laguna, there is always much to explore. From the beach’s vibrant, colorful vegetation to its many miles of both old-fashioned and modern-style food shops and art galleries located on the sidewalk, Laguna Beach is a flourishing center full of both nature and the arts that provides visitors with an excellent opportunity to eliminate stress.