Woodbridge ranks 60th in the nation

Min Kim, Staff Writer

Woodbridge ranked number one for college preparatory high school in the district, eighth in the state of California and ranked 60 in the United States. on Sept. 8 according to Newsweek magazine.

There are two categories for this ranking: first category is best college readiness high school in the district and the other was top schools for low income students. Woodbridge High ranked 60 in the first category and 100 in the second, according to Newsweek Magazine.

“It is a great thing and we should be really proud of it,” principal Christopher Krebs said.

The students and teachers play a large role in making Woodbridge a school worthy of getting ranked first place in the county.

“I think what makes Woodbridge unique are the great teachers and staff we have,” junior president Colette Cosyn said. “They are incredibly dedicated and hardworking.

According to Newsweek magazine, in 2012 Woodbridge was ranked 630 in the country. There are a variety of reasons for this drastic change in ranking.

“If you look at what we have been trying to do for the last couple of years, we increased the number of AP courses,” Krebs said. “We are offering courses to students that may not have taken such classes before.”

“Woodbridge is filled with wonderful students and teachers that work hard and I am sure that we can be more spirited and become a better school,” senior Monica Son said.

Many Warriors wish to reach a goal of getting a higher ranking in the future.

“In the year following next year, I actually think we are even going to be higher than this,” Krebs said.