Dawn of the iPhone 6


Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

The iPhone 6 offers many new features to Apple buyers and is the largest phone made by the company.

“Bigger than bigger” – this is the marketing slogan for the new iPhone 6 released on Sept. 15, and since then it has been sold to more than 10 million consumers worldwide, according to Technology Analyst David Goldman on money.cnn.com.

The new phone definitely lives up to this slogan, with a length of 4.7 inches and a width of 6.9 millimeters that makes it larger and thinner than any iPhone ever released by Apple (apple.com). This large, sleek design is what most people tend to notice first when they see the phone, but it has an abundance of new modifications that make it especially unique.

One of these modifications is the Retina HD display with a resolution of 326 pixels per inch, which gives the screen display higher contrast between colors, wider-angle viewing that allows for more clarity and an enhanced polarizer that allows you to use the phone without difficulty in the sun, according to cnet.com..

The A8 chip and M8 motion coprocessor installed in the phone are other unique modifications that extend its battery life and allow it to process more data (apple.com).

Additional novel features of the phone include its ability to take time-lapse videos for the first time, autofocus at a faster rate due to advanced focus pixels and function up to three times faster when connected to Wi-Fi, accodring to money.cnn.com (money.cnn.com).

The phone also possesses Touch ID technology that secures the phone content by ensuring that the owner’s fingerprint is the only way to get access to the phone, according to usatoday.com.

“My favorite features on this phone are definitely the Touch ID security system that you can only get through with your finger and the camera for sure,” senior Lauren Nguyen said. “I also just like that it is much bigger because it’s a lot more convenient and the screen is very clear.”

The iPhone 6 has received both negative and positive feedback from the public based on its various attributes.From the first generation iPhone released in 2007 to the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, the iPhone has gone through a series of enhancements that have made it one of the leading brand names in society today.