Room Service: An Iconic Night to Remember

Drama students put together a stunning play titled Room Service on Nov. 17, 18 and 19 including characters Harry Binion, Gordon Miller and Faker England


Kailey Moore

Room Service, an iconic play performed by both members of the drama department as well as students from Woodbridge High’s campus, occurred on Nov. 17, 18, and 19. The moosehead, a symbol used throughout the play, was something one of the lead characters Harry Binion treasured dearly and didn’t sell even when he desperately needed money.

Room Service was an exciting play that made an audience of all ages laugh. Room Service was a play depicting the lives of actors who are participating in a play called “Godspeed.” The lead character, Gordon Miller, was played by actress Nanami Yamakawa who worked extremely hard to produce both an exciting and iconic night for the audience. Using memorable props such as a ginormous moosehead and well-illustrated signs depicting the name of the play “Godspeed,” Room Service delivered successfully both puns as well as adorable chemistry between the actors and actresses. Room Service was a very successful play and delivered its comedic notes extremely well.