Philharmonic Orchestra Students Work Together in Harmony

The Philharmonic Orchestra is quite difficult and it requires tons of student teamwork and focus in order to play the music.


Stephen Agcopra

Johan Sears practices viola during tutorial.

Philharmonic Orchestra is the highest level you can reach in string music at Woodbridge High. However, it requires hard work and focus and the most important skill you need is teamwork.

While Philharmonic is difficult to get into, many students are given tools to improve on their musicality and the tools are used every day. 

Johan Sears, who is first chair viola in Philharmonic, said that students in Philharmonic often do sectionals which help out each other and expand their musicality. “Philharmonic students work together such as doing processes like sectionals so different groups get to play with each other and we get to expand on our musicality and we get to help each other improve,” Sears said. 

Students are always improving but without getting criticized, they won’t recognize their flaws when playing. Orchestra student Oooju Robinson expands on this topic. “Oh yeah of course. And that’s good because critiquing is part of the process if we don’t get critiqued, then we are not going to improve,” Robinson said.

Robinson also mentions section leaders and how they work with their section. “They do a variety of things so in our music. We have to make sure we get all of the fingering and bowings right; that’s like which way the bow goes and on what note and what finger to use for each note and we write those and we send it out to other people.” Section leaders have to make sure that their section is accurate with their fingering, bowing and their notes.

In addition to these student’s perspective on team building in music, building relationships with your peers in the orchestra is key to having a successful experience. According to, when you build relationships with your peers, they can improve on skills like listening to each other, adjusting volume, and adjusting dynamics.

Also, according to, if you know where your skills are, then you can improve on your skills and close gaps in your music. 

While the Philharmonic may seem like a challenge, there are people who can help you and tools you can use to further improve on your musical talent. 

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