Woodbridge High Students Brave the Cold Winter with Layers and Warm Foods

Woodbridge High students stay warm this winter through many activities including staying active and eating warm food


Noor Andary

Hot chocolate is a hot drink for cold weather.

Some argue that the best way to keep warm is by wearing layers like a shirt, sweater and jacket and removing them as you warm up. Byul Chung agrees with this statement saying that she likes to wear “long sleeves all the time and sometimes layers.” 

Zahra Bakshi has a different strategy to stay warm. When asked how she stays warm, Bakshi said that she chooses to wear “One big puffy jacket because it’s easier to take off in case it gets warmer and it’s California so it changes the weather a lot.”

Pranavi Kandepu agrees with this strategy. Kandepu chooses to “wear an oversized jacket and in the house I wear socks and then my oversized jacket.”  

In addition, Bangor Daily News explains that wearing wool socks helps you to stay nice and cozy because feet are what have the hardest time keeping warm in the cold. 

Another way to stay warm is through “Physical activities like indoor exercise or dancing can help you warm up, but don’t get to the point where you’re sweating,” CNN writes. CNN explains that if you start sweating then you get cold again, the sweat does the opposite and gets you cold. So exercise to warm up, but don’t start sweating. Bakshi was thinking the same way when she decided to exercise in the cold. 

To keep warm, freshman Bakshi does physical activity. “Running I guess, because not many people think about it, but when you work out you automatically just get warmer,” Bakshi said.

Kandepu explains that her favorite activity to stay warm is playing a board game with a blanket on top of her or just playing with her dog. 

Other tips to stay warm include “[Enjoying] warm beverages and foods,” according to CNN. Kandepu, Bakshi and Chung all agree with this statement as they also enjoy warm foods and drinks to keep them warm during this winter season. 

CNN advises people to enjoy foods that are higher in fat and protein because your body breaks them down slower, so they can make you feel warmer for longer. 

On the topic of hot foods, Bakshi likes, “Hot pasta because it’s pasta. I love pasta, but when it’s hot it’s nice,” Bakshi said. Kandepu favors anything spicy like spicy ramen, spicy Indian food or spicy soup and Chung enjoys Korean stew.

Additionally, Bangor Daily news suggests that, “Staying hydrated is key for good blood circulation, and it’s your blood moving through your body that keeps you warm.”

Kandepu and Bakshi both mentioned that their favorite drink to stay warm is hot chocolate, but Bakshi also enjoys it with marshmallows on top. 

Chung commented that her favorite drink that keeps her warm during this season would be a nice hot cup of tea.