Woodbridge High Offers Riveting New Classes for the Upcoming School Year

With the end of the school year on the horizon, students begin to think about the classes to choose as registration dates approach rapidly


Elina Rizi

Counselor Heather Bethmann helps a student create their schedule for the next school year.

For this upcoming school year, Woodbridge High introduces several new classes to add to the extensive list for students to pick from.

“We have a new engineering pathway, a Makerspace pathway. We are offering a course called Makerspace [which many] students have taken. And we are going to change that first-year Makerspace course to something called Design Lab, which is going to have a lot of similar features to Makerspace,” Assistant Principal Linzi Gorzycki said. “But it’s also going to be about design. So it’s going to have an art element that doesn’t exist as much in the Makerspace course.”

The Design Lab pathway will allow students to take this class for three years. To bring more excitement, one of the classes is partnered with Garner Holt productions. They also work with Disney to assist in creating animatronics and other various technologies.

Having more creative classes can be beneficial for students who want to pursue the arts, even if it is just a hobby. For those wishing to explore deeper into performative arts, the new Advanced Placement (AP) Music Theory allows the exploration of the foundations of music.

Creative classes are not the only addition to the course list as students who prefer more academic based environments will also notice some changes to the course list.

“We’re not going to be offering Enhanced Math III, and we’re not going to be offering Honors Precalculus. Instead, AP Precalculus kind of combines the content for both of those classes, and so replaces it,” counselor Jennifer Carrington said.

This math class would allow one to still be able to take AP Calculus AB or BC the following year. The route to take this class is no different from Enhanced Math III or Honors Pre-Calculus.

In addition to AP Precalculus, there will also be Marine Science, an elective that allows students to explore the topic of the ocean and its nature.

Students in AP Physics classes get to experience working on different labs in order to expand their
understanding. (Elina Rizi)

In order to choose an elective, students must register online during the month that correlates with the grade they are currently enrolled in.

“We’re registering [current] freshmen [in February] for 10th grade, 11th graders [in March] and then 10th graders in April,” Carrington said.

However, before a student can choose a class, it is important that they ensure they meet the qualifications for specific AP and honors courses.

“Make sure you fill some of the prerequisites for the more rigorous classes, and for some of the fun ones just talk to your counselors,” junior Leslie Herrera said.

Some classes require a student to take a summer class in order to catch up to the material. Others simply require a recommendation from a teacher or counselor and a grade above a B in said class in order to get into an advanced class.

The classes that a student should choose are mostly up to their specific interests. If there are certain classes that pique someone’s interest, counselors and teachers will be pushing out more information about both new and returning classes.

In order to find more information, talk to your counselor or look on the Woodbridge High website, https://woodbridgehigh.iusd.org/academics/course-study, for the full course list.