Prom and Senior Activities Go Above and Beyond Expectations

The junior and senior class council worked hard towards planning the end of the year activities and prom

Junior president Luka Krezovic and junior vice president Ali Attia pose after a successful year of planning senior events. (Ocean Pham)

The prom for the 2022-2023 school year took place on May 13th, and while many will remember the memories they made, the junior and senior class council remembers the planning and efforts that went into the historic dance and end of the year activities.

As the junior class council began to plan for prom around January, they made sure to remember the legacy of this memorable dance.

“Junior class council wants the prom that they put on to be a success, and they want people to have positive reactions to it,” Spanish teacher and prom planner Nichole LaPeer said.

Planning for a dance like prom was not easy, and the junior class council made sure to please everyone who attended.

“We wanted to make an event that everyone would enjoy and find entertaining, so we purchased extra items such as hockey and foosball tables, a karaoke machine, a print photo booth among a normal one and a balloon and confetti drop among the crowd just to name a few,” junior class president Luka Krezovic said.

Aside from the dance and activities, the junior class council also planned extra entertainment.

“Adding extras to the venue was exclusively decided by class council and they take into consideration past experiences, the budget as well as the student enjoyment factor,” LaPeer said.

The change in atmosphere was also something that excited everyone.

“Also, being a teacher, it is always fun to see students in a different environment, dressed up and having fun with their friends,” LaPeer said.

The actual prom planning started around four months ago for the junior class, and they slowly started building on their idea to make this dance memorable.

“Prom planning starts a lot earlier than most people probably expect, I picked this year’s venue almost two years ago in the summer of 2021 so we could secure it for this year. After the venue was selected, a year and a half later [now] junior class council works to plan and fundraise for this event,” junior class vice president Alexandria Attia said.

The council also held fundraising events to raise money for this prom to be possible.

“Six hour days at the car wash fundraiser, long meetings and deliberations were all a part of the process in planning the best prom we possibly could,” Attia said.

On top of the efforts and planning, the junior class council also had to make many decisions regarding prom.

“Many questions face you that define how you execute prom 2023, conflicts such as a cost of a ticket versus the completeness of the experience or profit versus affordability are multiple issues we had to deal with as a class council, ultimately picking the best out of these scenarios for the junior and senior class to enjoy,” Krezovic said.

Prom was a memorable event and an amazing tribute and nod to the upperclassmen.

Additionally, the senior class council did an amazing job planning end of the year events.

May 19th featured the famous senior barbecue.

“All the seniors get their yearbooks and have lunch together one last time,” senior class president Ava Reiter said.

Around two weeks later on May 30th the senior breakfast will take place.

“All the seniors come to school for the last senior meeting and there will be breakfast for everyone,” Reiter said. “This indeed was a great sendoff for the seniors and something that they will remember for the rest of their lives, fast for everyone.”