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The student news site of Woodbridge High School

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The student news site of Woodbridge High School

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The Members of the Woodbridge High Health Staff Who Ensure Safety and Wellness

The nurse is not the only member of Woodbridge High’s health staff, as there are various staff members on campus that guarantee students and staff are safe and healthy

At Woodbridge High, different health specialists strive to ensure that everyone—staff members and student athletes alike—receives the necessary medical care. Medical staff members are unique and essential to the school environment. They come from various departments, including health, athletics and counseling.


Felicia Reinert

School nurse Felicia Reinert, a new staff member, smiles at her desk. (Camille Roussel)

Felicia Reinert is one of Woodbridge High’s newest staff members this year, working as the school nurse. Prior to this school year, she worked in Los Angeles County in an environment different from Woodbridge High. 

“My background is in the hospital. I worked up in a hospital in Pasadena, up in LA, but on a pediatric unit…I’ve always worked with newborns up until age 18,” Reinert said.

A clear guideline of being a school nurse means working with students to guarantee they get the medical help they need. Reinert was surprised that she would cooperate with other staff members to ensure that students with specific conditions and health concerns have the necessary resources with teachers inside the classroom and around campus.

“Of course, I get to see students every day and treat all the different health conditions. But actually what I found out is I’m in a lot of different meetings and they’re meetings for students to find how we can help support them at school,” Reinert said. 

Much like in any medical field, professionals must anticipate and prepare for the unexpected, and depending on the day, a day at Reinert’s health office can be very different than it was the day prior.

“Some days I don’t have any meetings. Other days I’m on a Zoom call and then the meeting…Or some days the health office, there’s a lot of students probably coming in for whatever reason. So sometimes we get really busy…and me and my health assistant are just constantly seeing students,” Reinert said.

Reinert is getting adjusted and comfortable with her new surroundings at Woodbridge High, where she finds herself surrounded in a warm and hospitable environment in the administration building surrounded by positivity. 

“I love it here. I love everybody here at the front office. It’s been so nice and welcoming. And the students so far have been really sweet. Everyone I’ve talked to has been really respectful and nice. So I really enjoy being here,” Reinert said. 


Zinnur Guvenc

Health assistant Zinnur Guvenc sits in her office for her portrait to be taken. (Camille Roussel)

Zinnur Guvenc is the health assistant here at Woodbridge High, working closely in the health office with Reinert, assisting her with clerk work and seeing patients. The 2023-24 school year is her second year on Woodbridge High’s campus.

“[Being a health assistant is] is when the nurse is not around, we help [students] and we also do all kind of paperwork for [for the nurse]. We are basically helping the nurses,” Guvenc said.

Guvenc is well versed in working with students of all demographics, from kindergarteners all the way up to high school seniors. She has worked with many students throughout her 23 years being employed within Irvine Unified School District (IUSD). Prior to working at Woodbridge High, Guvenc was the health assistant at University High. 

“I did start [working] with the elementary schools…then the middle schools and then the high school. So I work with all ages,” said Guvenc. 

Guvenc reflected on what makes being a health assistant a great career. She affirms that her contributions to seeing students feel better are what gives her the most satisfaction. 

“Helping the kids [is rewarding],” Guvenc said.


Kalli Langsdorf

Kalli Langsdorf works with Woodbridge High’s athletes, often seen on the field observing football games and practice in the fall sports season as the campus athletic trainer. 

“[Being an athletic trainer is] a certified health care professional who practices on-field sports medicine that specializes in care, management and recovery of injured athletes,” Langsdorf said. 

Langsdorf has been the athletic trainer at Woodbridge High for 12 years, taking inspiration from her high school days of being an athlete and the health professionals who helped her make recoveries and self-discovery for her future. 

“I was an athlete all my life…I got injured a few times in high school playing soccer and our athletic trainer took care of me. My senior year I had my second ACL surgery and couldn’t play anymore so I got interested in trying to help athletes like me,” Langsdorf said.

Being an athletic trainer means Langsdorf’s schedule can change depending on the day. Langsdorf always has to be alert at games and practices, bringing her motorized cart with her, as athletes across any of Woodbridge High’s teams could get injured at any time. In the midst of all the chaos she needs to prepare for, there is some consistency within her schedule. 

“But mostly I get in and answer emails and do paperwork then I get [my cart ready] for any practices or games I have to attend,” Langsdorf said. 

Fostering good relationships with Woodbridge High staff members and athletes is something Langsdorf finds rewarding as well as providing aid to athletes to get them back in the game, doing what they love.  

“I find it rewarding to help athletes get back to their sport if they’re injured,” Langsdorf said.

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