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Planning Fun 16th Birthday Ideas on a Low Budget

16 birthdays are important, so here are some ways to make them special while keeping the budget low

16th birthdays are a special moment for teenagers. At 16, teens can get a driver’s license, find a job and enjoy the freedom that comes with both.

Therefore, 16th birthdays need to be memorable and fun for teens. Here are some fun and affordable ideas:


Pool Parties:

For a summer birthday, pool parties have to be considered. 

“I spent some time with my friends at the pool,” junior Aarna Verma said.

According to NS Lifestyles, pool parties are really fun because a number of activities can be incorporated into them, like Marco Polo. 

You can also have many snacks and barbeque food. Just imagine, eating cold popsicles on a hot summer day and then jumping into the freezing swimming pool. 

Irvine has an abundance of pools that are free for Irvine residents. 


Movie Nights:

A cozy movie night with buttery popcorn is a classic. According to This Playful Home, movie nights allow people to disconnect from the outside world and spend quality time together. 

Sophomore Meili Nishi loves hosting parties for her birthday. You can invite friends over, choose scary or comedy movies and bundle in fuzzy and warm blankets.

Snacks like nachos, chips and popcorn chicken transform the night and make it super fun. Making the room super dark will set the movie theater mood. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and other networks have many fun movies to watch during movie nights.



Sleepovers with friends are 100% one of the best ways to have a night filled with fun. According to Prima, sleepovers are a great bonding activity. Painting nails, doing hair, and playing video games are just some of the fun things you can enjoy with your friends. 

Staying up until 2 a.m. playing video games and watching scary movies is the ideal plan for sleepovers. The best part of sleepovers is seeing who can stay awake the longest!



Going out to local restaurants with friends and family is a great way to enjoy delicious food. According to Connect2Local, it is considerably less work to have your birthday at a restaurant than to plan it at your house.

“We also went to my favorite restaurant,” junior Harini Suresh Kumar said.

 While it does involve spending some money, the food is the main focus. Some affordable places to eat out at include In-n-Out, Panda Express and the Habit Burger.

16th birthdays are special, maybe even more than 18th birthdays and they deserve to become a core memory of teenage years.

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