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Woodbridge High Athletes Head for College Athletics

Student athletes plan to continue their athletic careers in college and reflect on their journeys thus far
Kailah Cortez
Multi-sport athlete, Milan Heisdorf, looks forward to the next chapter of her athletic career.

Despite about 57% of high school students playing on a school athletic team, less than 7% will go on to play in college and about 2% will play in NCAA Division 1, according to the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

Among these few aspiring student-athletes is senior Tatum Ramos, a running back and cornerback for the Woodbridge High varsity football team. Ramos also plays hockey and hopes to play either of his sports at a college that is the right fit for him.

“Ever since I started football freshman year I fully committed in the weight room and on the field, which allowed me to become a successful athlete,” Ramos said.

So what motivates young athletes to continue their journey into their adult life?

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“What inspires me is when I see the effect of my work on the field. My progress gives me motivation to continue working hard,” Ramos said.

Also, a factor of inspiration for Ramos is his passion and adrenaline he gets from his sports.
“I would say that even if you don’t think you’re good enough or fit to play a sport just try and if you put in enough work you will get in return, positive results,” Ramos said.

Another Woodbridge High senior headed for college athletics is Milan Heisdorf, a varsity athlete on Woodbridge High’s soccer, flag football and basketball teams who is committed to University of California, Irvine (UCI) for soccer.

Heisdorf’s journey to becoming a multi-sport athlete with aspirations of college sports started in childhood.

“When I was younger my family and I used to go to college games and I always wanted to eventually be in those players shoes. That dream of one day competing on that level has motivated me to pursue the opportunities that have been presented to me,” Heisdorf said.

These memories of why she became an athlete give her motivation.

“The love that I have for sports helps inspire me to keep pushing and developing my game to be the best I can, ” Heisdorf said.She got to where she is now through hard work and perseverance.
“I put myself out of my comfort zone and played with different teams and coaches to try and find the best place for me to grow as a player, ” Heisdorf said.

However, her path was not without setbacks. After she tore her anterior cruciate ligament as a freshman and had to go through 9 months of rehabilitation therapy, Heisdorf had to work hard to get back to her previous level.

After recovering, she played in college camps and showcases to gain recognition, and after being offered a spot at UCI this past summer, committed to play soccer for them next school year.
As for Woodbridge High’s many other athletes with high aspirations, Heisdorf would recommend they keep in mind that an opportunity to compete in college sports at any level is something to be proud of.

“Be persistent and don’t get discouraged if things don’t turn out the way you thought they would. Opportunities arise that you might have not considered but they can turn into great things, ” Heisdorf said.

Although the odds of competing in college sports are small, these Woodbridge High athletes show that it is possible through hard work, dedication and passion.


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