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Woodbridge High’s teacher band plays its first concert of the year

Woodbridge High has a band made up of teachers from all across campus who recently played their first concert of the year to excited students
Ashlynn Do
Mr. Atallah rehearsing with the band on his electric guitar.

Woodbridge High is a host to a diverse array of clubs and on-campus groups, one of which is the teacher band. Made up of five key members, Adam Atallah on guitar and singing lead vocals, Gabriel Duthoy on keyboards, Matthew Takeno playing guitar, Cliff Nelson on Bass and backup vocals and Brandon Stuhl on drums, the band provides a unique outlet for the teachers to celebrate their shared love for music.

The origin of the band dates back to the 1990s. Teachers started playing music with students and the tradition lasted for years until it disappeared a few years back.

“It was dormant for a few years but I brought the band back last year with Mr. Atallah,” Takeno said. The band formed last year and is continuing this year.

“I love spending time with other teachers and students outside of the traditional classroom setting,” Takeno said. The teacher band often features guest singers such as students or teachers. In the past, it has also featured guest dancers on stage. It’s a great way for students and teachers alike to get to know each other.

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In October the 27th during homecoming week, the teacher band gave its first performance of the year. The teachers wanted to find something relatable and fun for students and teachers alike. They decided to follow in the footsteps of Taylor Swift, when the era’s tour was captivating the hearts of millions of teens and adults around the world, and played a array of songs written by Swift.

“I thought it would be a good idea to play songs that they would actually recognize,” Takeno said. And sure enough, throughout the 30-minute concert students could be seen dancing and singing along.

“I think most of us were secretly Swifties,” Takeno said. He certainly approved of the concert theme and is a fan himself.

“[The songs] were popular songs that everyone knew and everyone sang along!” sophomore Lakashmi Bedekar said. Bedekar had a great time at the concert with her friends. It gave her a chance to escape the school atmosphere and have a fun break doing something she loves.

“[I] like playing live because I think if students see how bad I am they will try something new,” Takeno said. Playing live is a challenge for many but one that can be overcome. Takeno and the rest of the band strive to inspire the young musical students at Woodbridge to pursue their dreams.

Students benefit seeing teachers outside their comfort zone and trying new things while still having fun. The teacher band is a perfect example of that and even occasionally allows students to participate.

“It’s fun and a good atmosphere [with] good songs, and it’s just a lot better than you’d expect, they’re impressive,” Bedekar said. The concerts aren’t that often but it is worth it to go and watch.

“No other school has this!” sophomore Giovanna Bressan said.

The band is original and a staple in Woodbridge’s history. Teacher bands at Woodbridge have been around for nearly 30 years and are just getting better. They give students and teachers alike a chance to get out of their comfort zones and create a legacy for themselves. These concerts are a chance to support fellow students and teachers at woodbridge and have a great time. Everyone should be on the lookout for the next concert date.

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