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Woodbridge Frosh/Soph girls finished 3-1 at the Canyon tournament

Girls Water Polo were able to finish off strong and earn their 2nd place

A handful of talented Freshman of Woodbridge High girls’ Water Polo were able to bring back a second-place finish at Canyon Frosh/Soph tournament last weekend.

This swim season Isabelle Parker was able to make her way up to the top 30 in the Southern California swimming ranking. Transitioning from a swimmer to a Water Polo player is challenging for her.

“My biggest weakness is the ability to understand all the rules because I’m still new to the sport” Parker said.

The Warriors have a lot of potential this year, and these amazing freshmen do not disappoint. Despite all the rules and being new to the sport, Parker was able to score 6 goals and lead the JV girls to their first game dub.

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Parker has won every sprint so far and gets the team an advantage. “A strength that makes a fast swimmer is determination and perseverance,” Parker said. Not only is she able to win every sprint but she also uses her speed during a game. When a counterattack happens, Parker can use her speed to get ahead of the other players and score a one on nobody.

The hard work during games not only reflects on how you play but also on your training. “Your races really reflect on how you practice,” Parker said.

Varsity field player Lena DeLand added many goals and assists throughout the tournament for Woodbridge. The game of Water Polo is nothing new to her. “My Water Polo journey started when I was 7. I started at a club called Backbay Water Polo” DeLand said. In their 3rd game of the tournament, Woodbridge faced a huge loss against Long Beach Wilson with a score of 16-7. DeLand was the top scorer of that game.

A lot of DeLand’s Water Polo experience came from when she was on her club team and through her teammates. Deland said, “It’s also a learning experience seeing how girls who are older or younger play, and I can learn a lot from them.”

As for the JV Goalkeeper Madison Mutuc who also played last weekend was also a major part of the team’s win. Mutuc was able to score 2 goals and block many shots. “My arm strength and how hard/far I can throw the ball is also a benefit,” Mutuc said. Her amazing arm strength did not disappoint when trying to score.

The Warriors took advantage when being up by many points and used their goalie to score. Towards the end of the fourth quarter, a 7 on 6 was played which brought Mutuc the ability to score. “My training consists of leg strengthening versus all-around swimming and conditioning,”

Mutuc said “We also focus on how we throw the ball to get the most accuracy and length in the passes during games,” Mutuc said. The training Mutuc does is heavy on how well she plays during a game.

The Warriors’ hard training and work paid off and their victory was well-earned. These freshmen sure are handling High school games to another level. During Winter break the girls will train hard for their upcoming game on Jan. 8 against Laguna Hills at Woodbridge High.

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