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Tutorial: Needed Or Wanted?

Admins, teachers, students all give differing opinions on tutorial at Woodbridge High

Tutorial meets us three times a week, but does it really have to?

“…tutorial was put into the schedule to allow a place during the day where students could make up work, get help, find out what they missed when their absences at times, get interventions and support…,” principal Christopher Krebs said.

But for those who think tutorial needs to be a mandatory part of our day, they bring up a crucial issue with making it more optional: the time.

“…if tutorial is not mandatory, it doesn’t count as instructional minutes during the day. Which means that we would have to add 30 minutes to all of the periods during the day.” Krebs said in response to why tutorial is how it is right now. If tutorial were to be made optional, the day length of the day would ultimately increase the day till 4:30 pm. This would ultimately complicate several things….it complicates athletics, it complicates what time school starts and what time school ends,” Krebs said.

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Some teachers have similar opinions. Brandon Stuhl, an English teacher, expresses his beliefs that tutorial should be mandatory as it benefits students academically, and those who come for help reflect it in their grades.

“ …I would be in favor of moving earlier in the day,” Stuhl said when asked how tutorial could be changed in favor of teachers. Students could possibly pay more attention in the morning and also get the chance to do last-minute studying and finish assignments before their classes. This would also let students get into the flow of school before their classes
every day.

Apart from being a space for academic help, tutorial can be a social place. “Tutorial periods also provide a space for students to socialize and build relationships with their peers, or even teachers and other staff, outside of the classroom setting” according to James Bacon in “What is a Tutorial Period”. Having a place to socialize after the entire day allows students to relax and talk to peers, especially after more work packed days. But some people see tutorial as a time that is too unexpected.

“…students’ learning styles” as per Walid Omran in the article “Why do Some Students Choose Not Attend Tutorials”. Students all differ in learning styles, and sometimes the crowded tutorial can be have a very quiet setting next time, possibly conflicting with the setting that students could focus the most in.

“I think there should be a way where you can just go to this place where…you don’t have to do any work and stuff like that and sign ups can be done like last minute,” freshman Mason McGrath said when asked how tutorial could be adjusted for students.

A place where students could completely socialize and have a high level of flexibility could help separate students who need to do work from those who come to socialize. We have tutorial three times a week, but for those who are academically thriving, is it really necessary? But they also get the opportunity to relax and socialize. But is it worth leaving school at a later time? Not for those in other activities. Tutorial is a little part of our schedule, but is a big placeholder.

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