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Albums to Transport You to Your Very Own Winter Wonderland

Here are the perfect records to add to your “winter vibes” playlist

Many look forward to taking time to rest with the perfect cozy album to set the mood. Music is the perfect companion for the winter months, whether you are on vacation or spending time at home. The right tunes can make a hectic week of school feel like a winter fantasy. From jazz to holiday music to indie to a wild mix of many genres, there is the perfect album for everyone.

Trio 64- Bill Evans:

Though this jazz record only features one holiday song, which is “Santa Claus is Coming To Town,” it is reminiscent of winter throughout. Trinity Stenson attributes this to a brush technique the drummer uses, which sounds similar to snow falling. These jazz songs set the perfect, warm and cozy mood.

“It’s a really good record and I feel like I’d love to hear it by a fireplace or something,” Stenson said.

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The trio itself consists of pianist Bill Evans, string bassist Gary Peacock, and percussionist Paul Motian. The three instrumentalists work in harmony throughout the record to create lively, timeless jazz. Additionally, songs off the album like “Dancing in the Dark” demonstrate the colorful and imaginative quality of the record.

A Very Special Christmas:

When the holidays are long gone, some still cling on to the holiday spirit. This album is one in a series of many Christmas albums, featuring artists like Run-D.M.C., U2, Madonna, Whitney Houston, Bruce Springsteen, and many more, and is a perfect collection of holiday songs across countless genres.

“So I feel like this is a very good album if your family has a lot of different music tastes and you want to please
everybody,” Stenson said.

The 1st album in the series was released in 1987 to benefit the Special Olympics. It features covers of classic Christmas songs, sung by famous artists of the time. Some of the tracks are in a traditional holiday style, while others span other genres, like rock and hip-hop. This album is the perfect alternative to classic, yet overplayed Christmas songs while also retaining the holiday spirit.

The Enchantment- Béla Fleck and Chick Corea:

This complicated jazz album has received much recognition and even won a Latin Grammy.

“If you haven’t heard of Béla Fleck, oh, man. Béla Fleck or Chick Corea, you can’t go wrong with either one of them,”
English teacher Brandon Stuhl said.

He also mentions it is not an easy listening album. This record requires one’s full attention to truly enjoy. But, it is well worth it for the beautiful journey the music takes you through. This record features energetic banjo and piano. Though the songs on the album remain energetic throughout, many of them also contain a certain thoughtfulness, like “Brazil.” Additionally, the record also contains Latin influences as well as jazz, such as in the song, “Señorita.”

Hawaii Part II- Miracle Musical

Hawaii Part II is the rare, yet perfect example of an album that carries a full storyline through well-crafted songs. Consisting mostly of J-pop and indie, while also telling a gruesome tale, this album is perfect for wintry vibes. Each
song continues the plot, containing themes of death, insanity, and love. Many vocalists and instrumentalists are utilized
to be able to convey the rich emotion this album contains. There are songs containing strings and elegant vocals like
“White Ball,” rap and electronic like “Labyrinth,” melancholic tunes like “Introduction to the Snow,” and much more.

“The last song in particular, it’s pretty good. It makes you feel like you’re in like a winter wonderland at the start, and
then it switches up on you, makes you feel like you’re underwater a bit and then makes it somewhat feel like heaven. And then the end is just like discontinued. It’s never finished,” freshman Michael Exley said.

This season is the perfect time to find new music to love. It is well-known that music has the unique ability to transport
you to another world or make the one you are in right now better. Whether you are resting at home, visiting a coffee shop, or taking a walk in the frigid weather, hopefully you found the perfect soundtrack for your winter activities.

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