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Popular Activities to Spend During Winter

Cherish this winter season with these fun and creative activities
Lisa Volovik
Families and friends are enjoying the winter break

During the cold winter season, many people spend time with loved ones, rekindle old hobbies, and explore new interests. Here are some specific activities to do during this winter season!


Crocheting is a fun activity and a perfect way to expand your creativity. Crocheting, a therapeutic hobby for many, is the process of interlocking yarn with one hook to make unique designs. According to Henry Ford Health, crocheting can reduce stress and blood pressure, decrease symptoms of depression and reduce chronic pain.

Sophomore Julie Shih started crocheting a few years ago, beginning by creating basic hearts. Now, she is able to crochet elaborate crafts, including Christmas stockings. Shih looks forward to crocheting more during her free time and gifting these crochets as presents.

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“I [want] to crochet a little more so I have time [for] some extra crafts that I could give out [to my loved ones],” Shih said.

Not only is crocheting a stress relieving activity, but also is a great gift for the people you love.

Get-togethers with loved ones

Furthermore, another great winter activity is to gather with friends and family. Setting up family gatherings allows for quality time with your loved ones. According to LovetoKnow, some ways to spend time with your loved ones include volunteering, hosting game nights and having a family movie night.

Senior Louise Scharling is grateful to spend time with her loved ones.

“We just love doing things together, and it’s great to have people over for the holidays,” Scharling said.

Spending time with friends and family can even be as simple as staying close to home and having a traditional feast. English teacher Samuel Lee had a Christmas dinner surrounded by the people he loves.

“My family came over from Ireland, and they’re going to [hang] out at [my] house. We cooked a traditional Christmas dinner with turkey,” Lee said.

Spending the winter season with family and friends is a great way to connect with your relatives around you and across the globe.


Another way to spend your winter season is by traveling. According to the article Lee Health, traveling increases productivity, creativity and overall life satisfaction. Additionally, traveling to different parts of the world allows you to experience the world through different cultures and celebrate the holidays with your loved ones who usually live far away.

Last winter break, Lee traveled to Ireland to visit his in-laws and expressed how a reunion with friends was both pleasant and relaxing. “It was nice to reconnect with some friends I had made from my time abroad [in Ireland],” Lee said. Traveling allows you to discover new settings while experiencing how other countries celebrate the holidays.

Watching movies

Watching cozy movies is a great way to explore a new entertainment genre and spend quality time, whether it be by yourself or with friends and family. According to the Pam Rutledge’s article, “Why Christmas Movies Make Us Feel Good,” holiday or cozy movies bring positive emotions, reduce stress and make people feel more connected with others.

Before going on Christmas break, Shih watched a movie called “Spirited” and felt more in the Christmas spirit while watching. She noted some of the main topics that this movie has taught her.

“[The film Spirit taught me about] the importance of kindness and empathy,” Shih said.

Shih also emphasized how watching cozy movies brings the warmth of the holiday spirit and nostalgia. Try some of these activities this winter to cherish long-term memories with your family and friends!

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