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  • Self-Expression Through Winter Fashion

    Arts & Entertainment

    Self-Expression Through Winter Fashion

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The student news site of Woodbridge High School

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The student news site of Woodbridge High School

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Self-Expression Through Winter Fashion

Students on campus reveal their winter wardrobe and discuss what fashion means to them

Ezra Kim 

For senior Ezra Kim, comfort is a top priority. 

“I don’t want to be uncomfortable walking around in what I wear. I just want to make sure I’m feeling comfortable and feeling good,” Kim said.

His outfits tend to center around one comfortable clothing item. 

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“If you have one piece you want to focus on and other things that complement it, it can really emphasize that one piece,” Kim said.

Often, that piece is a pair of shoes, specifically, the Adidas Sambas. Another favorite of his are the Birkenstock Boston Clogs.

The creativity that individuals have with their choice of seasonal wear gives them the chance to explore different styles influenced by all kinds of people, places and platforms around the world.

“Right now, I really like overcoats, like trench coats. Honestly, I love New York fashion, I like a lot of modern and business-style fashion with overcoats, dress shirts, and slacks,” Kim said. 

He enjoys fashion’s subjectiveness and how it is another form of self-expression. 

“I think it’s cool to have good style; honestly, that’s what people look for sometimes. Personally, [it is] important to me because it’s like a hobby,” Kim said.


Sabine Ramos

Senior Sabine Ramos’s love for fashion is a generational bond between her grandmother, her mother, and herself. 

Using fashion advice from her family, she loves to put together thrift clothing and a couple of layers for the winter.

“I love a really good pair of baggier wide-fit denim with a one-tone top with a sweater. A sweater, chunky knit or a hoodie,” Ramos said. 

Like many other high schoolers, Ramos purchases her winter clothing from thrift and second-hand stores and well-known shops like Aritzia, Brandy Melville and H&M. She uses social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration. 

Additionally, soccer impacts her style and many fashion trends, including the rise of Adidas Sambas. 

“My connection as a soccer player influences me. I really like some soccer players’ fashions, like David Beckman from the 90s. The soccer world has influenced the [Adidas] Sambas and the whole trend,” Ramos said. ” Ramos said. 

The Adidas Sambas have expanded streetwear to another world of unique sneakers, like Adidas Campuses and Asics. Though Sambas rose in the summer, many Southern Californian residents continue to wear their Sambas in the reliable 70-degree winter weather. 


Ezra Setiawan

Similar to Kim and Ramos, junior Ezra Setiawan shares a hobby of self-expression through fashion. For him, an individual’s style can reveal more than just an outward appearance. 

He emphasizes fashion’s ability to connect individuals through personal expression and foster meaningful connections.

One of those special connections is with his older brother. 

“I mainly started caring about fashion because of my brother. We shared a room until he graduated, and he would always buy clothes that would fill up space in our closet,” Setiawan said. 

That particular memory sparked his interest in creating a comfortable, expressive and colorful closet. 

“My favorite parts about outfits [are] color and just trying different things to see what looks good and compliments each other,” Setiawan said. 

Nowadays, their closet has a fair share of clothing, including items from streetwear outlets and brands like Uniqlo. 

Just like Kim and Ramos, Setiawan loves shoes, not only because they are versatile between the summer and winter seasons but also because they complement many of his outfits. 

His most prized sneakers are his BAPE STA sneakers and Stussy x Converse One Star Lows. He enjoys pairing them with dark-one-toned and oversized tops. 

“I like [black or blue] baggy jeans and some sort of long sleeve, whether it’s a sweater, a windbreaker, or a hoodie. Winter is [also] nice for darker-colored outfits like gray, black, and navy,” Setiawan said.

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