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The Best Winter Songs for This Holiday Season

A playlist of tracks to get yourself in the seasonal mood

Often when enjoying time to yourself, listening to music is a great way to drift away and become lost in the moment of whatever it is you’re doing. However, as the seasons change, the music changes as well. With the wintertime and holidays rolling through, here are some songs that could serve to scratch your itch for music to get yourself in the mood.


Sweater Weather – The Neighbourhood

This 2013 hit embodies a chilly and cold feeling. Led by a relentlessly pounding drumline and a messy but ominous guitar riff below the vocals, “Sweater Weather” is a great song to experience while trying to feel the biting yet relaxing sensation that can come with the cold of winter. The second half of the song suddenly turns to stripped back guitar strumming with more raw vocal harmonies that one can get lost in while listening to this seasonal essential. 

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Ice Cold – Lil Tjay

This track from Lil Tjay’s 2020 mixtape takes a more somber route, but can still be enjoyed as a winter listen if you are in that sorrowful headspace. Over melancholy synths and sharp drums, carried by a pounding line of bass, Tjay mournfully raps about his struggles in life, reflecting on loved ones he’s lost and the hardships he’s had to overcome to get to this point. The hook demonstrates this through the lyrics, “I’ve been to Hell and back a few times/Tired of this pain, tired of this pain.” His autotuned flows and harmonic melodies create a dreamy feeling that is easy to drift off to, and while the lyrical content may be dejecting to listen to, “Ice Cold” makes for a great song to play this winter if you happen to be feeling down.


Dreams – Fleetwood Mac

A classic song from Fleetwood Mac, “Dreams” is another more downbeat tune but still a fitting listen for the season. With rhythmic drums and bass, as well as subtle guitar and string melodies holding things together in the background, the track lives up to its title with the trance one could fall into while listening to its calming sound. Led by almost ethereal singing from Stevie Nicks, “Dreams” brings a relaxing vibe to the table that you may desire to embrace while spending your free time this winter. 


Bad Idea (feat. Chance the Rapper) & Wintertime – Cordae

Both of these tracks from Cordae’s debut album, “The Lost Boy,” provide some inspirational jazz rap for the holiday season. The chorus of the former interpolates Gil Scott-Heron’s 1971 jazz track “Home Is Where The Hatred Is,” soulfully sung by Cordae, and features a verse from Chicago native Chance the Rapper. Carried along by a jazzy instrumental and adept lyricism from Cordae and Chance, “Bad Idea” evokes an inspirational and positive tone for the future. The latter of the two, “Wintertime,” serves as an intro to the album and features sweeping piano flourishes and somber saxophone melodies, as Cordae’s rapping and relaxing chorus make the song feel hopeful and encouraging. Both tracks provide excellent low-key and chill listens for a relaxed setting.


Hazy Shade of Winter – The Bangles

A cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s 1968 classic song, The Bangles’ rendition of “Hazy Shade of Winter” is just as good as the original and was a number two hit on Billboard in 1987. Bringing a more upbeat energy than some other songs mentioned, “Hazy Shade of Winter” showcases hypnotic vocal harmonies, energetic guitar riffs and a touch of what sounds like sleigh bells in the background, adding to the wintertime vibe of the track. While many of the tracks on this playlist are best for relaxing to in a quieter atmosphere, this one provides a great change of pace with its infectious energy that perfectly matches the excitement of the holidays.


Bonus Tracks:

  • California Dreamin’ – The Mamas and & The Papas
  • White Winter Hymnal – Fleet Foxes
  • Back To December – Taylor Swift
  • Winter – Khalid
  • Winter Things – Ariana Grande

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