Bachelor Degrees offered at California Community Colleges

Ryan Eisendrath, Contributing Writer

In 2017, some community colleges will begin to offer bachelor degrees to students

Gov. Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 850 in September which states that bachelor’s degrees can be earned at community colleges starting in the year 2017. This will allow up to 15 community colleges to offer bachelor’s degrees in the fields of health, science and technology, according to

Counselor Elizabeth Taylor said she feels the passage of this bill is fantastic and could affect students going to a community college.

“We have about 44 percent of our students currently attending community college, [and the new bill] may increase the amount of students attending community college,” Taylor added.

This bill may support students in the future and help them pick their career paths at a potentially cheaper price.

“If this means that they’re able to get their entire education at the same institution, then I think that’s great,” assistant principal Scott Sodorff said.

With students able to get a full education at a community college and at community college price, four-year universities could potentially start losing students to this program, which could increase competition, according to

Even though “I don’t think there is going to be any change because people that want to go to a four-year college are still going to want to go to a four-year college,” senior Nick Vollucci said.

Community colleges across the state adding this program could see an increase in students attending their schools.