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Spreading Awareness: Women’s History Month

With Women’s History Month being celebrated, students and staff praise the multiple women from their past and share their current histories

Throughout March, Women’s History Month is designated to honor the women who made significant achievements, discoveries and contributions throughout the many generations of American history. Women’s History Month was originally called Women’s History Week but Congress expanded this celebration to a month in Mar. 1987.

Woodbridge High students and teachers reflect on what this month represents and recognize the countless women essential to today’s society.


Jessica Steenhard

English teacher Jessica Steenhard views this month as an awareness to support the dedicated women in our community and hopes people will acknowledge and learn more about the women’s past histories.

“I do think that if we were going to celebrate [women’s history month], it’s bringing up the history [and] also getting active about the issues that are affecting women,” Steenhard said.

According to LinkedIn, some of these long-term issues that impact women are gender inequality in education, employment, healthcare and political engagement.

This celebration hits home for Steenhard because both of her parents were raised by their mothers. She grew up to acknowledge the women’s achievements over the years.

“Since I was a young girl, I have always had the intention to be able to support myself and not concede to any perceptions that being a woman means being able to achieve less,” Steenhard said.


Rachel Scott

Senior Rachel Scott showcases Women’s History Month as a month of appreciating women’s hardships, sacrifices and dedication from previous generations and past legacies who play a major role in our history.

“We’re honoring our roots and heritage and the women who sacrificed their lives and came before us to get to where we are today,” Scott said.

Scott has seen many women in her family sacrifice their freedoms to obtain the rights that men also receive.

“I’ve seen the women in my family sacrifice a lot to get their rights, their education [and] try to get the same money as men would try to get,” Scott said.


Aavnika Krishna Prasad

Sophomore Aavnika Krishna Prasad considers Women’s History Month as a way to dedicate and honor the women who made lifelong achievements to overcome our society’s conflicts.

According to India Today, there are numerous scientific discoveries that women have made such as Eunice Fote for the Greenhouse effect, Hedy Lamarr for wireless communication and Lise Meitner for nuclear fission.

“[There are] a lot of scientific discoveries that women have made that people undermined and didn’t give credit to women. It’s nice to see that finally being brought out and women given the recognition they deserve.” Prasad said.

At Prasad’s time in primary school in Illinois, their school celebrated Women’s History Month where they learned the various stories of numerous female figures. She was inspired by one of a woman’s biographies, Amelia Earhart.

“I vividly remember the presentation of Amelia Earhart being the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic and her story of breaking through prejudice and daring to be different inspired me so much! I even dressed up as her when we did a project at my elementary school in Irvine,” Prasad said.

The Women’s Rights movement has developed over the years with the important female leaders, Lucy Stone, Susan B. Anthony, Matilda Joslyn Gage, Abby Kelley Foster and Sojourner Truth evolving the movement over time. Today, women continue to advocate for their recurring issues of discrimination and threats to their health and safety.

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