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Woodbridge High Seniors Navigate Challenges and Embrace Growth

As the class of 2024 stands on the brink of graduation, seniors reflect on their growth throughout high school

Seniors at Woodbridge High underwent significant personal growth amid the hustle and bustle of daily life. These were not just years of academic accomplishment; they marked an important shift in their interests and goals while learning to overcome adversity.

Confronted with unprecedented uncertainty, the class of 2024 began high school at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This new learning obstacle was the first of many challenges that proved the seniors’ adaptability in the face of difficult situations, should it be as seen with senior Elaina Bauhofer’s positive shift in her perspective over the years.

“I was definitely worried [about] how my [freshman year] was going to turn out because [there were] so [many] restrictions…but now that I am a senior, it’s definitely changed a lot [and]. I definitely enjoy it more now,” Bauhofer said.

Senior Hailey Bithell remembers overcoming her initial fears surrounding Woodbridge High’s busy environment, as she found her footing through her extracurricular activities.

“I was really nervous going [to high school] and scared that I wouldn’t meet new people or the community would be too overwhelming, but I met people through…extracurriculars,” Bithell said.

The impact of education is evident in the seniors’ reflections on high school. Through the courses offered at Woodbridge High, Irvine Unified School District (IUSD) and Irvine Valley College (IVC), many found passions and possible career paths.

For example, Bauhofer plans to major in forensics and anthropology at California State University, Chico, inspired by her junior year forensics class. Similarly, senior Ali Attia found her passion for criminal defense, partially inspired by a Regional Occupational Program (ROP) course on the administration of justice.
Bithell, a prominent figure of Woodbridge High’s performing arts community, found acting as an outlet to navigate challenges with bullying. With the talent she discovered, Bithell hopes to pursue acting in television and movies.

“In theater, I just got to connect with different characters and put myself out there without any judgment, even if there was judgment, it didn’t really matter,” Bithell said.

As Woodbridge High’s Associated Student Body (ASB) vice president, Attia believes that being a four year veteran of ASB was integral to her high school experience.

“I [dedicated] hundreds of hours…to [Woodbridge High]. I think it gave me a different perspective on what goes on behind our arts..athletics…and programs we have…at school,” Attia said.

For Bauhofer, playing lacrosse was more than just a sport. It was a means of self-discovery, development and a lesson in unity, especially after becoming the varsity team’s goalie.

“[As] a goalie, it’s taught me…patience and acceptance,” Bauhofer said. “When we lose, I know it’s not my fault. We win and lose as a team. Lacrosse itself has taught me how to grow as a person as well.”

Reflecting on their high school journey, the class of 2024 sees little need to alter the past, finding satisfaction in the present.

“I wish I had known that it’s okay to not have to know everything,” Bithell said. “I see sophomores and freshmen panicking about what they’re going to do after high school, [but they] have time.”

As the seniors prepare to say goodbye to high school, their focus naturally shifts to the future and the countless possibilities it holds. Despite uncertainties, the
Woodbridge High seniors are full of hope.

“I’m not really sure what the future holds too specifically, but I’m definitely excited for it,” Attia said.

The diversity of the senior class translates to the paths they will take after high school. While students have had their own unique high school experience, they will go out into the professional and higher education realm with the common traits of flexibility, development and change: aspects that ring true for the majority of the class.

Catherine Lee

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