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Start Off Summer With Stellar Singles

Newly released singles from Gracie Abrams, Beabadoobee, Sloppy Jane and Phoebe Bridgers kick off the summer season

With the end of high school impending, my life is the most hectic it has ever been. Advanced Placement (AP) tests, looming finals, graduation preparation, and senior activities have made the last weeks whiz by. While my world is moving at a lightning pace, by contrast, the music world has come to a standstill. No memorable albums have been released over the past few months, with all of the best releases being saved for summer. However, many artists have dropped stellar singles, teasing listeners with what’s to come.


Risk – Gracie Abrams

Released Wednesday, May 1, 2024

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Risk by Gracie Adams explore the genre of pop, diving into Gracie’s attitude toward relationships. (Ocean Pham)

Indie singer-songwriter Gracie Abrams recently released “Risk,” the first single from her highly anticipated sophomore album, The Secret of Us. Marking a significant departure from her previous musical style, “Risk” introduces listeners to a more upbeat phase in Abrams’ career. 

Her earlier work, known for its breathy vocals, acoustic guitar, and subdued, mellow tones, gives way to a vibrant and fast-paced folk/pop sound in this latest track. “Risk” is an exploration of the exhilarating yet precarious emotions that come with the initial stages of a crush. It captures the essence of liking someone when you barely know them, encapsulating the mix of excitement and vulnerability that accompanies the early moments of infatuation.

The song delves into the act of risking heartbreak to pursue someone you are drawn to, despite the uncertainties and fantasies that might cloud your judgment. Lyrically, Abrams conveys the intoxicating thrill of falling too fast for an idealized version of someone. The line, “God, I’m actually invested/Haven’t even met him,” perfectly encapsulates this, highlighting the paradox of being deeply emotionally involved with a person who is, in many ways, still a stranger. 

The song’s upbeat tempo and folk/pop influences underscore the rollercoaster of emotions that come with new, uncharted romantic territory. As Abrams transitions into this new sound, her authenticity and emotional lyricism remain as compelling as ever. Listeners can look forward to The Secret of Us, set to release on June 21, 2024. This album promises to continue the vibrant, fast-paced energy introduced in “Risk,” offering a fresh perspective on love and emotional investment. 



Take A Bite – Beabadoobee

Released Thursday, May 9, 2024

Beabadoobee, known for her indie-pop hits like “Glue Song,” “Apple Cider” and my personal favorite, “Talk” from her debut album Beatopia, returns with a new single, “Take A Bite.” This

The alternative/indie style of music by Beabadoobee explores the idea of taking accountability in life. (Ocean Pham)

track,the first single from her upcoming album This Is How Tomorrow Moves, delves into the theme of finding comfort amidst chaos, blending a nostalgic 90s sound with clear influences from Fiona Apple. 

“Take A Bite” captures the essence of yearning for the impossible with the line, “I’m craving expectations that are unattainable temptations,” setting a brooding and introspective mood. The song feels like an intimate story narrated by Beabadoobee, as she sings, “I wanted to see the world in color/Through your eyes and through your mind,” giving listeners a glimpse into her complex feelings.

The track features a distinctive duality in its vocal delivery. The verses are candid and have a spoken-word quality, which contrasts beautifully with the sweet, slow vocals of the chorus. This juxtaposition creates a lush soundscape, supported by the delicate interplay of piano and guitar. The understated vocals draw listeners in, keeping the song interesting throughout. 

While “Take A Bite” may not introduce a radically new sound for Beabadoobee, it stands out as a beautiful, mellow pop track that showcases a more vulnerable side of her music. Beabadoobee’s second album, This Is How Tomorrow Moves, is set to release on August 16, 2024. 





Claw Machine – Sloppy Jane and Phoebe Bridgers

Released Friday, May 10, 2024

Claw Machine by Sloppy Jane and Phoebe Bridgers is an Indie Rock that explores their personal issues. (Ocean Pham)

“Claw Machine,” a haunting collaboration between Sloppy Jane and Phoebe Bridgers, was written for the soundtrack of the recently released A24 film, I Saw the TV Glow. The film also features an appearance by Bridgers, adding further intrigue to this eerie ballad. 

Anyone who knows me knows I think anything Bridgers touches turns to gold, and “Claw Machine” is no exception. The song is anchored by a strong piano presence, creating a mysterious and melancholic atmosphere that perfectly complements the film’s themes. The track explores profound emotions of longing and the desire for more out of life, while being set against a backdrop of perceived personal flaws which make achieving these desires seem impossible. 

Sloppy Jane’s vocals deliver a chilling and melancholic recounting of youth with stark and direct lyricism. The simple opening lines, “I saw the TV glow/I am in the eighth grade,” set a nostalgic and emotional tone. Bridgers’ contribution in the second verse adds significant depth, as she and Sloppy Jane’s voices intertwine to muse on the elusive ideal of perfection, a life seemingly distant from their own realities. 

The long reaches a powerful crescendo with both singers passionately delivering the lines, “I think I was born bored/I think I was born blue/I think I was born wanting more/I think I was born already missing you,” over a stunning orchestration of keys and strings. This climactic moment is both beautiful and painful, encapsulating the song’s emotional depth. “Claw Machine” stands out not only for its haunting melody and poignant lyrics, but also for the raw emotional honesty that both Sloppy Jane and Bridgers bring to the performance. 

This summer is set to be chock-full of album releases, including those from Abrams and Beabadoobee. Clairo, the love of my life, is also releasing her third album in the next months, which I am beyond excited for. Personally, I think that a good summer break is defined by a good summer soundtrack, so this break will be one for the books.

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