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Fun Activities to Make the Most out of Summer

Students at Woodbridge present diverse summer activities to try during the summer break
Mahati Iyer
A Summer sunset at Laguna Beach.

During the summer, students at Woodbridge engage in a variety of refreshing activities around the Woodbridge community and Southern California to escape the heat and make full use of the three-month break. While the usual swim pools, beaches and ice cream shops are the typical go-tos, students can discover different pastimes by diversifying their activities and exploring new avenues. For those staying in the area or taking summer school classes, some small summer activities can aid in getting out of the house and fully enjoying the break.

Beaches and pools are traditionally popular destinations during the season to swim, surf, play, cool off and hang out with friends and family. Furthermore, when visiting a beach, having a barbecue, camping out overnight or checking out the different tide pools along the ocean’s edge are other activities to consider planning.

“[I] love Laguna Beach…[and] Huntington Beach is dog friendly and they have fire pits,” senior Crystal Sun said. 

For those not in a sport in the summer, participating in more active activities is another method for staying fit or connecting with different people. Joining a summer sport team, volunteer group, recreational program or simply planning hiking trips and walks are options for those looking to spend more time outdoors during the season.

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“This year I [am planning] to do some rock climbing and horseback riding,” Sun said.

Shopping, trying new or revisiting familiar restaurants or simply walking around the various shopping centers are a few activities that do not require extensive planning and are perfect for a quick meet-up with friends.

“I go to places within the Woodbridge Center,…like Pizza Press or Cha, Spectrum or just anywhere where I can eat and hang out with friends,” freshman Joshua Rhee said.

Summer is also a good time to scope out some of the new local food locations.

“My family and I really enjoy going to Handels, it’s an ice cream place…[and] they actually just opened a new location in Irvine,” sophomore Ashley Lang said.

Additionally, looking out for local farmers markets or visiting small, interactive farms open to public tours, such as Irvine’s Tanaka Farms, may interest those who enjoy trying fresh produce.

With plentiful free time and an absence of schoolwork, summer is a time to discover, or rediscover, hobbies, passions and creative outlets as well as develop new skills. Arts and crafts, reading, painting, drawing and photography are some common creative hobbies that many individuals find enjoyment and peace in.

“Every summer I like [to] rediscover my love of reading. I don’t have…time to read for fun during the school year so I end up reading a ton over summer break,” Lang said. “I’m also hoping to use this summer to improve my skills in different online softwares. As someone who does a lot of photography and video editing I want to use my summer to learn Photoshop and Adobe After Effects.”

As school gets out and the break starts, students can take advantage of the summer season to create new memories, engage in a variety of different experiences and make the most out of their free time.

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Leah Wong
Leah Wong, Writer
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