Dress down?

Min Kim, Staff Writer

Even though it is important not to interfere with one’s individuality and freedom, there must be some restriction to such freedom within a school setting. A dress code will allow the students to focus on academics instead of fashion and prevent the students from being distracted according to Polk County Public Schools.

Since the start of the school year year, many students have complained that the school has been more strict in enforcing the dress codes on campus.

“I have been at this school for four years now, and it is pretty clear that the dress code policy has gotten a lot stricter than when I was a freshman,” senior Shinya Kadono said.

Although some students say that the dress code policy has become stricter than before, this is actually not true.

“The dress code is exactly the same as before; it is just that we are enforcing it more than before, and this is how it really should be,” principal Christopher Krebs said.

One can look at the dress codes of any other school in Irvine and find that they are very similar to the one at Woodbridge.

The dress code policy prohibits clothing that reveals undergarments, swimwear and clothes with cut-outs, according to the school planner. These restrictions are not present to take away any freedom of expression from the students, but are meant to prevent students from getting distracted or losing focus on their studying.

Students are allowed to wear any type of clothing in any color and with any decorations they want, as long as it is not inappropriate. Certain wordings may hurt and offend a race or religion of people.

The dress code does not restrict the clothing students wear outside of school.However, since a school is a place to learn, students should pay more attention to how they dress as the learning environment is supposed to be one that is professional.