Head to Head: The new and improved Edmodo

Ana Sayre, Contributing Writer

Upon returning to school this year, teachers switched their academic site of choice, again. We have seen them all; Blackboard, Edmodo, etc. You name it, students have probably used it. Most students were apprehensive, to say the least, about making the switch, but after using the new site, Canvas Instructure, students appear to be thrilled.

Canvas is “a leading edge, online tool that provides a universal approach to engaging students by providing materials, calendars, assignments, communication, quizzes and collaboration for every class in one place,” according to WoodbridgeHigh.org

Most students and teachers on campus I have talked with couldn’t agree more.

One of the most celebrated differences between Canvas and other sites is the new organization feature that helps keep students a lot more organized than on previous sites. Junior Anam Chaudhary is a prime example of one such student.

“I think that Canvas is a very efficient way for teachers to convey the homework and projects to their students,” Chaudhary said. “For example, I always check Canvas whenever I’m at home to see what the homework is and upcoming projects due for that week.”

Students have all of their class’ assignments listed on the
calendar because Canvas automatically enrolls students in all of the classes they are taking, so they do not have to worry about finding and enrolling in all of their individual classes.

One of the most effective features is the calendar. The calendar is an interactive feature the site offers to keep all students’ tests and assignments submitted by their various teachers in one place. Senior Bonnie Sarchet said she feels particularly adamant about the helpfulness of the feature.

“There’s a nice, orderly calendar and we haven’t had any problems with it,” Sarchet said.

Another helpful aspect of the new site is the ability for students to interact with their
teachers online. Physics teacher Andrew Gibas is one of the teachers leading the incorporation of Canvas on campus. One feature in particular stood out to him as being especially important.

“A feature on Canvas that I think is amazing is the Canvas Conferences, which allows teachers to hold office hours with an online whiteboard, voice chat, video chat and chat room,” Gibas said.

Students love the feature too. “I like the discussion board, where the teacher will be online, and you can actually talk to them one-on-one; you don’t have to wait for a response like you do with Edmodo,” senior Kayla Sibley said.

Overall, Canvas has been a great new tool for students and teachers alike and should be graded an A+.