Head to Head: Problems in “paradise”

Ashima Kundu, Contributing Writer

Since the new system Canvas has been introduced, many teachers and students  have been experiencing problems

School is in session once again, and most students are in transition from Blackboard and Edmodo to the new system, Canvas. Many students and teachers are finding this transition to be a rather difficult one, even though this system was implemented to enrich the learning experience for everyone.

For some teachers, Canvas can be more of an annoyance than a tool used to enrich the experience of a student. To many, Canvas may not seem as user friendly as previous systems.

“I actually had a Canvas page at the beginning of the year, and I was very frustrated with it because I would post things, and kids couldn’t see it, or it just had a lot of issues,” history teacher Molly White said.

Setting up the Canvas website can also be a time–consuming task for teachers who do not have time in their busy schedules to adjust to a whole new system.

“I think because teachers want to spend their time preparing and helping students…it’s definitely one more thing to change over to; now I can’t say that it’s better or worse because I don’t know; I’ve never used it,” social science teacher Abigail Haselton said.

Moving from system to system can be troublesome for students as well. Often students find themselves having to memorize multiple usernames and passwords for the variety of sites teachers use.

“First it was Blackboard, then it was Edmodo, and now it’s Canvas; when will we ever get some consistency?” sophomore Anna Rezhko said.

Although Canvas may have many benefits, current students are not familiar with the system, and it will take a while to get used to it. It may take a great deal before teachers learn how to utilize all the features of Canvas

“I don’t feel I’m using it to its full extent,” math teacher David Gesk said.

All in all, although Canvas may have numerous benefits, many staff and students are not pleased with its performance.