Girls tennis falls to University High


Photo by Lillian Wu

Senior Karina Yamasaki (Left) and Nicole Dostanic (Right) anticipate a rebound hit to the opposing team.

Lillian Wu, Contributing Writer

Girls tennis (4-9-0) lost 5-13 against the University High in a three-hour long battle at an away game on Oct. 15.

Coach Ryan Sabado said he hopes for the girls to grow throughout the season and learn how to develop their skills as a team.

“There are girls that stand out to me as athletes on the team, and instead of having only two seniors, as there were last year, there are six seniors playing for the team this year,” Sabado said. “There are many leadership qualities in this year’s team than there were last year, and the team could definitely grow by following the example certain girls set.”

Girls tennis played against University in three rounds of singles and doubles games. Three members from the team played against three players in the singles games, while two members in three groups played against two other members in three group for the doubles games; there were a total of 18 games played. Girls tennis beat University in two plays of singles and three plays of doubles.
University High won the 13 other plays, the players took the loss as a lesson.

“Even though we couldn’t beat University High, I think playing against them is good practice for playing against Northwood and other schools,” senior co-captain Karina Yamasaki said.

Despite the loss from last week’s game against Irvine High and the loss to University that week, Yamasaki maintains a positive attitude for the team.

“We just try to get the most we can out of these games and gain experience for other games,” Yamasaki said. Girls tennis still has many other games ahead of them, as the season has just begun.