Swimming while drunk

Sage Melchior, Staff Writer

A recent DUI put Michael Phelps’ swimming career on hold when he was pulled over with a blood alcohol level of .14, double the state limit, after drinking at the “Horseshoe” Casino last week in his hometown of Baltimore, Maryland, according to USA Today.

“I’m going to take some time away to attend a program that will provide the help I need to better understand myself,” Phelps tweeted.

Phelps has been suspended from USA Swimming, sanctioned from competitions for six months and is not eligible to compete again until April 6, 2015. Phelps will withdraw from the 2015 world championship team and will not represent the United States next August in Kazan, Russia.

“Just because he is famous doesn’t mean he gets to be exempt from the law; it doesn’t matter who you are,” senior Alex Popovski said.

Phelps will continue swimming after he participates in the program and receives the help he needs, just in time for the 2016 Olympics.