Warriors explore their values through WASC

Natalia Cardenas, Contributing Writer

Teachers are preparing, not for a big test, not for finals, but for WASC, the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

WASC is an organization that accredits a school’s transcripts based on if that school is implying the importance of values. This occurs every six years, and come March the WASC committee will come to the school and view how the school functions on a normal day.
One of the most fundamental attributes that this WASC committee is looking for are the six Cs which stand for communication, critical thinking, creativity, curiosity, commitment, and collaboration.

English department chair and teacher Christy Haley discussed the importance of coming together and using the six Cs values.

“We realized that our school community needs to be further developed,” Haley said. “We need students all working together towards the same goal. Whether you’re in math, whether you’re in English or whether you’re in history, it doesn’t matter; you can focus on these same six things. It doesn’t matter how it looks, but this is what our school values.”

Involved in the process is not only staff but parents… Everybody should be involved in this entire process to see students succeed, according to assistant principal Belinda Averill.

Staff members are working to show that the six Cs are crucial characteristics for students to have. Principal Christopher Krebs described what the WASC committee should see in March.

“In my mind, WASC should come here and see a typical day at Woodbridge High School, “ Krebs said. “The goal of this is to be completely transparent and get honest feedback. We owe it to the community to provide the best possible experience for kids. Good things are happening here and we have great kids on this campus. If they just do what they are normally doing then we are going to be ok.”