Beach Goth continued its legacy of good music and unique performances


Photo courtesy of Natalia Franco

Clementine Creevy of Cherry Glazerr performing at the third annual Beach Goth.

Emma Trinh, Contributing Writer

The third annual Beach Goth music festival featuring The Growlers, GZA, Cherry Glazerr, Joyce Manor and more, took place at The Observatory on Oct. 25.

Started in 2012 by Costa Mesa band The Growlers, Beach Goth is a unique local landmark festival that attracts personalities and ages from all over Southern California. This year, The Growlers’ rising popularity was evident in their charming and strange performance. In fact, The Growlers had the biggest turnout compared to previous years, with every attendee singing along to crowd favorites like “One Million Lovers” and new songs like “Big Toe.”

“It was definitely oversold, but it turned out to be really fun because everyone was into the bands,” returning attendee and senior Serena Gettings said.

The Growlers, as usual, outdid themselves in terms of their performance and work on the festival. Opening with a mariachi band and garnering the full attention of every festival goer, The Growlers played in wigs and face paint, enforcing the “anything goes” attitude of Beach Goth.

The “so-weird-it’s-cool” décor of Beach Goth matched the general mood as teenagers and adults dressed in Halloween costumes enjoyed performances at three different stages and several carnival rides. This year, Beach Goth continued the quirky legacy but the festival experienced some major changes as well, as the usual two-day, indoor and evening festival expanded across The Observatory’s grounds and condensed into an all-day event.

“This wasn’t my favorite Beach Goth; I want two nights back and no outside stage,” senior Sara Rosenstein said.

Acts like Cherry Glazerr, The Spits and The Drums fully entranced their rowdy audiences, while Alice Glass (of the recently disbanded Crystal Castles duo) disappointed with a sloppy DJ set.

“The Growlers killed it. I was originally just waiting for Cherry Glazerr while I was in the pit during The Spits, but my adrenaline was pumped. It was wild,” first time attendee and senior Natalia Franco said.