Girls volleyball makes history in the Dave Mohs Tournament


Photo courtesy of Sydney Tekstra

Girls volleyball celebrates their achievements to go to the Dave Mohs tournament.

Aashi Jain, Ad Manager

Girls Volleyball has created school history by making it to finals of the Dave Mohs Tournament for the first time this past season.

Although they did not win the finals of this tournament, almost every player on the team displayed tremendous confidence and performed better than they had in the past, according to coach Alan Ho.

“People who have won league have never made it to the finals of this tournament, so it was really exciting for us,” senior and co-captain Alyssa Martinez said.  “We lost the game to St. Margaret’s, but we had fun doing it.”

Out of all the Orange County participates in the Dave Mohs Tournament,  only four schools make it to the finals. During the semi-finals game against Esperanza High, the team had its spirits up, a good morale and a continuously encouraging coach. The support constantly paid off, and their victory secured them entry into the finals, according to Martinez.

“Before this tournament, we had the mindset of being able to go out there and play well while staying focused,” Ho said. “We just rode a wave of momentum towards being able to reach the finals.”

According to Ho, this season was one of the tougher seasons to play as one of the team’s strongest players, who chose to remain unnamed, received an injury early in the year. Therefore, the starters had to fill the gap, which caused some competitive drive and trouble with understanding each other during practices.

“The unity in our team struggled at times, which it does regularly in a team sport, but we    always managed to pull through and finish as a team rather than individuals,” junior and co-captain Sydney Tekstra said.

When asked about their biggest rival this season, both the captains did not think twice before giving Northwood High the honor. The clear reason for this rivalry remains unstated.

“It’s just a lot of pressure; I know we could beat them, but they just get inside us,” Martinez said. “It’s a tough game for anyone on the team.”

Overall, the girls faced many ups and downs this past season, but due to their outstanding determination, they were able to truly make this a very memorable season.