Students of technology

Natalia Cardenas, Contributing Writer

All students love to relax, and slow down and take a break sometimes. The great thing about online schooling is that it gives students breaks that so many of them desperately need.

Online schooling is often looked down upon as something that is ineffective; it is believed that students need contact with friends and teachers for effective learning. We must look at online schooling from different points of view.

Many high schoolers, home-school students and college students rely on online resources to gain the education they want and need. Many homeschooled students receive great benefits  when it comes to online resources.

“I think the good part of being home-schooled is not dealing with people you don’t like, or teachers you don’t like for that matter. And the resources helped me understand how to solve a math problem more than a regular teacher would explain,” said former home-schooled Norco High School freshman Jackie Chiri said.

College students are the most active participants of online schooling. In 2013, over 6.7 million postsecondary students were enrolled in online classes, according to

Taking online classes gives many students the opportunity to go to school and work at the same time. Some students live on their own and need money to pay for the essential necessities, and as a result, they may not have enough time to go to work and attend school. For such students, online classes gives them that needed spare time. They can get a job and get a degree at the same time.

In certain cases, more courses are offered through online classes, giving a student a wide range of material to choose from. It could also give the student a much louder voice that he/she may not have in a traditional classroom setting.

Teachers are now starting to use online resources, and those resources can help students understand new material better and help students review old lessons in an easier fashion.

Math teacher Geoff Tipper explained how he uses online resources outside of the classroom.

“I am Flip Teaching, which to me means that I am recording videos of my lectures and having students watching them at home, then come back to my classroom and do what would have been the homework. The benefit is I can circulate and help them with any questions that come up instead of using half my day to lecture,” Tipper said.

High school students can get much more work done outside of the classroom using online resources. One way is getting their credits much faster and being able to take classes in summer school.

It helps them advance in their studies and be successful in achieving their graduation requirements, as stated by counselor Jennifer Carrington.

Although online schooling is greatly debated among teachers and administrators and is described as a very negative form of schooling with no social contact, in reality it is a big benefit to any student looking to relax and have a better schedule.