I hope I’m not too cliche

My past columns have been a bit serious (and hopefully meaningful to you faithful readers in some way). But as the last column of the year – 2014, not the school year…I know, sad – I would like to share with you my love for December.

What do you think of when you hear the word December? Surely not “Irvine” because, let’s be honest, strolling the streets of Irvine will not get you feeling the same way about December as strolling the streets of New York will. All the pure white snow, really hot chocolate and boutiques filled with the joy of precious Christmas gifts are not what we were blessed with growing up in Irvine. I’m not complaining, just a bit bitter that it’s only a reality in movies. But we can talk about that another time.

Anyway, the answer to my own question is (no not Irvine), socks. Is anyone with me on that one? Maybe it’s only me, because I am supposedly cold blooded as my doctor tells me, but this year I have had a strange obsession with socks – not just the big and fuzzy ones you wear at home but any and every kind, especially Christmas ones that have cute little reindeers or snowmen printed on them. Fun fact: I recently bought a pair that caught Santa drinking champagne. Sorry if I just ruined your childhood.

So now when I write the month “12” on my school work, I stop for a second and embrace the fuzzy and warm sensation (literally and figuratively) of this odd mania. The month of December has evolved from my obsession of lights to ornaments to wrapping paper to, currently, socks. And I will continue to fantasize for the day when I possess a tangible obsession for snow.

Reste toi-meme,

Michelle Kang