‘Clubs goin’ up on a Tuesday’


Photo by Brittany Chang

Seniors Lexi Deane, Karina Yamasaki and Nick Volucci show their excitement about Winterfest.

On Dec. 9, ASB hosted Winterfest club drive, which showcased multiple clubs that sold food and attempted to gain members into their respective organizations.

Winterfest is similar to October’s club drive, also known as Oktoberfest, but not as many clubs participated in this December event. Oktoberfest featured over 30 clubs with 81 total registered; however, Winterfest only featured 16.

“There were clubs that didn’t make profit on their foods [in October],” senior and ASB clubs commissioner Adam Weiner said. “This time, people can change the food that they will bring,  so it will be a little more diverse [than Oktoberfest].”

Students flooded the music quad to try and buy off-campus food like In-N-Out and Jamba Juice. The drive gave students the opportunity to buy food from clubs and join them at the same time.

“It was awesome, and I got some great food,” junior Chris Kagoo said.

Winterfest featured clubs such as the Youth Action Team, Key Club and American Red Cross Club. Due to the fewer amount of clubs that participated in Winterfest, there was a better chance of clubs selling all of their food.

“We sold boba drinks and made a huge profit,” junior Tinarpan Ghumman, president of Key Club, said. “We have a few [students] who showed interest, and they can get community service hours.”

In many club drives, clubs tend to lose money and struggle to profit because they are unable to sell enough of their food. With fewer clubs participating in Winterfest, there was a better chance for clubs to make profit.

“Apparently everyone sold out,” senior vice president Christian Ramiro said. “That was good for all the clubs participating.”