Warriors CAN give back


Photo by Emma Trinh

Seniors Kelsey Eyre and Jennifer Borland pose in collecting bins in order to encourage students to donate cans for the can drive.

ASB held its annual canned food drive for the local charity organization Families Forward from Dec. 2-16. Promoted as a donation competition campaign amongst schools all Irvine high schools.

“We [wanted] to fill the pantries of families in need in time for the season so they can really enjoy their holidays,” ASB community service commissioner and senior Jennifer Borland said.

Schools across Irvine designated collection sites on campus for donations including cans and non perishable food items. Items appropriate for donation included low-sugar canned fruit, boxed juices, canned soups, diapers, paper towels, baby food and baby formula. Woodbridge’s donation site was at the front of the school with three bins open for students to contribute to.

“The can drive is a great way for Woodbridge students to give back. It means so much and really blesses the lives of the people who are less fortunate,” ASB activities commissioner and senior Kelsey Eyre said.

Founded in 1984, Families Forward is a local charity whose mission is to serve families with hunger needs in South Orange County, according to the organization’s official website, Families-Forward.org. Campuses across Irvine have been hard at work to promote donations- especially University High- who has been in the lead with over one thousand cans collected.

“We ended the can drive with about 300 or so cans. I’m proud of our school, and I’m so happy to have helped in any way possible to Families Forward,” ASB human relations and junior Kian Heiat said.