Biking benefits

Ever since freshman year, I have ridden my bike to school and probably will continue to do so until I leave. I realize now that I could not live without my bike, as it is the method of transportation that I am most comfortable with. However, biking has not always been so integral to my life.

Biking is not something that I have done for a particularly long time, as I only really learned to ride a bike the summer before freshman year. The only reason I got into riding my bike was because neither of my parents could take me to school, as they both leave extremely early in the morning for work. Biking has been really great for me due to its speed on the road and its efficiency in dealing with traffic.

For example, the roads near school and parking usually fill up quickly, creating traffic jams that can make many students late. But with a bike, I can get to school in under ten minutes as I am only hindered by how fast I can pedal.
On the other hand, riding my bike for long periods of time, around two to three hours, can tire me out before I get to the destination, which puts me in a tight situation when I need to go out.

Although I am getting my license soon, I will probably still use my bike for short trips, like going to school or eating lunch with my friends. Riding a bike has been an extremely useful experience all things considered and definitely helps me save money on insurance and gas.

Avantika Vivek