Holiday TV Specials to keep you cozy this December

Throughout the month of December, there are several holiday specials on television for your viewing pleasure. Specifically, ABC family features the program “The 25 Days of Christmas”  from Dec. 1-25  which is a program that features several holiday television shows and movies each day of December.

Everywhere we look we see Christmas. Most of us are probably wondering what to watch on television with the variety of holiday specials featured on our televisions this time of year. Here is a list of a few classic holiday movies that are favored by many.

“It’s a Wonderful Life” – This movie is a classic 1946 film, and it is still overwhelmingly popular today. This heartwarming film features James Stewart as George Bailey, a suburb resident who is overcome with issues and considers taking his own life during the Christmas season. Throughout the film, there are flashbacks throughout George’s life and the audience gets an insight as to why he feels depressed. Along the way, George comes into contact with his guardian angel, Clarence (Henry Travers), who brings light to George’s situation and shows him how worse off Bedford Falls (where he lives) would be without him.

“Elf” – This holiday comedy favorite, released in 2003, features the main character, Buddy the Elf (Will Ferrell) a human who was dropped off on Santa’s doorstep one Christmas Eve and  taught to live as an elf. Thirty years later, Buddy begins to discover the truth that he does not fit in with the others. Buddy sets off on a journey to find his real family and a place he truly belongs. He comes across several obstacles and comical interferences as he is reunited with his workaholic father who is resistant at first but hopes to salvage the relationship.

“126th Tournament of Roses Parade” – This televised extravaganza has been a yearly tradition where floats filled with roses, performers and bands will be watched by many excited bystanders who gather each year to watch this grand event take place. This will be the 126th year of this event, and people come and watch from all over the world. It is also televised throughout all of America so that if you cannot attend  in person, you can still watch it on your television screen. It is a part of the program on ABC and is very popular.

“Polar Express” – This all-time favorite movie is loved by many people of all ages. It is a heartwarming tale of a train that picks up children from all over and gives them a chance to travel to the North Pole to see Santa Claus. The movie features three children as they venture throughout the North Pole.