A new page

As 2015 begins, it seems almost strange to me what has changed over the past year and what has not. At times I still feel unprepared for life outside of my current home, living on my own. I still cannot really cook, or iron, or do a thousand of the different things I’ll need to constantly be aware of on my own. I enjoy reading, but it feels harder and harder to concentrate on solely reading for pleasure on my own.

Especially now that I am learning to drive, the idea of biking to anywhere seems to be fast fading, despite my love of bicycling. However, to me, these contrasts are what truly help to differ the years apart. If I never explored new and interesting things, I would not be able to actually find new interests and mature as a person.

Although 2015 seems like a new start, to me, it feels just like the next chapter of a slowly building book.


Avantika Vivek