Learning to love reading again

In my elementary and middle school years, reading new novels for fun on a regular basis was actually a pastime I enjoyed. I would read my favorite books in every single moment of spare time that I could afford. When I became a high schooler, however, things drastically changed. For the past four years, I have probably only read three to four books for fun, and everything else that I have read has been an assigned book that we are studying in class.

I think this extreme decline in my enthusiasm in reading for fun is a result of all the stress that school brings, plus the fact that reading kind of became more of a chore to me rather than something that helps me relax. Even though January is almost over, I want to make another New Year’s resolution to read for fun more frequently this year, so that I can hopefully rekindle my love for reading. Let’s hope that I am able to accomplish this resolution more successfully than some of my other ones that I am already slacking off on; I guess we will have to wait and see.


Disha Palimar