Position, click, filter, post and repeat

But first, let me not take a selfie and reflect on what I am really doing. In this generation of technological advances, our world has never been as globally connected as it is now. Apps such as Instagram and Snapchat connect friends together every second of the day. Yet if that were the case, then why take selfies? Is it to show that you have a life or maybe to change how others view you? Is it for a new Facebook profile picture to update your looks online? Or is it just to inform friends and families on what you are doing?

“I post selfies on facebook from time to time, but mostly Snapchat and Instagram, and it can be a good way to express your thoughts and feelings,” junior Ariel Taylor said.

The goal of taking a selfie is clear and simple:  to show off the features that you want to be noticed by your peers. Whether it’s to look good or just to show what is happening to you, taking selfies always shows the narcissist trait inside us all. Selfies focus on a single subject: you. Although not all selfie-takers are necessarily obsessed with themselves, the act of taking one clearly shows it.

“Technology itself is a huge distraction. On top of that, we got social media which promotes selfies, therefore becoming an even greater distraction,” sophomore Matthew Kim said.

Sadly, this generation has developed into a society based solely upon one’s looks or social life instead of what is necessary to prepare for the long journey ahead of us of all. Although focusing on yourself is not a bad thing, only focusing on yourself to create a facade for others is what makes it bad. If a person focuses too much on his or her own self, that person loses a sense of placement in society,  goals and ultimately their future.

“It depends on the situation and how the person is photographing themselves,” Principal Secretary, Jaime Klopfer said.

Taking selfies can be a creative and fun way of expressing your thoughts and emotions through photos, whereas at the same time,  these photos could best fit your personal feelings can be frustrating and distracting to your academic pursuit in high school. This is why knowing how to handle both school and social media is a key ability in today’s technological society.

“Students should know when too much is too much when they begin to spend more effort on their own appearance than at school,” junior Sheldon Ho said.