An angelic debate

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, now the official team name, came to an agreement in 2005 but still many people  are not proud of it.

The Angels have come a long way since founded in 1961 as a minor league team. The name of this team has changed from Los Angeles Angels to California Angels to Anaheim Angels and finally to Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. With both Los Angeles and Anaheim being a part of different counties, disagreement  and lawsuits have been a result of the team’s name change.

Anaheim filed a lawsuit, City of Anaheim v. Angels Baseball LP, when the mayors of both Los Angeles and Orange County disagreed with the name change.

“Anaheim is just trying to protect their city, their name and their product,” head baseball coach Tim Murray said. “Personally, I would rather have them called Anaheim Angels or, at very least, the Orange County Angels.”

Many people look up to the Anaheim Angels, and their fanbase seems to have contrasting opinions regarding the team’s title.

“Since I grew up, I [have] thought of them as the Anaheim Angels. We have the Anaheim Ducks so I think when teams play in Anaheim, they should represent from where they play,” Murray said. “For marketing purposes they call themselves the Los Angeles Angels, but when I think about Los Angeles, I usually think about the Dodgers or the Lakers.”

Die-hard baseball fans are confused by the beloved team’s new name, but continue to support the team through their identity crisis.

“At first I hated it, but I have gotten used to it. Most people have gotten used to yet. The more I think about it, the more it makes sense,” English teacher Jennifer Schmidt said. “But the interesting thing is that even when you go to the stadium, it says LAA but they don’t ever refer to themselves as the Los Angeles Angels, so it’s almost like they know it’s an embarrassing and weird name.”

While some people agree that the lawsuit is necessary, others still doubt it.

“I don’t think that the name really matters as to what the baseball team is called. So in a way I don’t believe the lawsuit is necessary and also think that the name should stay the same,” sophomore and baseball player James Lu said.