Wrestling takes down season

Wrestling (48-22) was victorious in one of its last matches of the season against Northwood High on Jan. 14. With only two matches left, team members say they are hoping to finish strong.

Senior and wrestling team captain Darron Petit said he felt that this season went well overall.

“As a team I believe that we were pretty solid. We have lost two duels against opponents that we usually beat, but that wasn’t because of how we wrestled as much as it was because we were missing a wrestler in weight classes. We did, as a team, wrestle great,” Petit said.

Despite having several strong players, this season’s team was at a slight disadvantage. According to wrestling coach Cliff Nelson, the large number of inexperienced underclassmen on the team means many players still have a lot to learn.

“It’s kind of a rebuilding year; that happens every once in a while. We have some good young wrestlers; we have some really good seniors…They’re kind of a younger squad for the most part, so there’s more to learn,” Nelson said.

Although many of the younger team members are still learning, they are constantly encouraged and guided by the more experienced juniors and seniors, who are motivated by them in turn.

“The team as a whole is like a family,” Petit said. “The upperclassmen are very good, and I believe that it helps inspire the underclassmen to do well. I think this could actually go both ways, because it really pumps up the upperclassmen when a younger wrestler steps up, surprises us and wins.”