College football shakes up its system

College football might have finally done things right. It used a new playoff system to find the National Champion this year for the first time instead of the old Bowl Championship Series (BCS) computer system used last year. Also, the uniforms the teams will be wearing during the game have been compared as well.

The new playoff system is a four-team playoff, and it is designed for the top four teams in the nation to play. The number one team plays the number four team, and the number two team plays the number three team. Most say that the committee got this year’s playoff right by putting the right teams in the playoff at the right rankings with Alabama at number one, Oregon at number two, Florida State at number three and Ohio State at number four. The semifinals are now over, and Oregon and Ohio State played for the National Championship on Jan. 12, which Ohio State won 42-20.

“It’s a better system because it gives more chances for underrated football teams to get a chance to be a bigger team,” senior and defensive end Jimmy Rodriguez stated.

Although the committee has been criticized, some fans seem to favor it.

“They definitely got the top four teams, and it’s actually shaken up to where the two teams that weren’t supposed to make the final game are the two that are in the final game,” senior and wide receiver Zach Kennedy said.

Going into the final game of the 2014-2015 college football season, there is also a lot of discussion about uniforms. Oregon is known for changing uniforms every game and will be wearing a new uniform with all white and grey colors while Ohio State will wear its red jerseys with grey pants. The National Championship is expected to be one that fans will never forget.